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SSar's Beast
Today I am also happy. Which makes for bad drama but good life of SSar.

It appears that all banana cakes I make are doooomed; that is, after I make them and they come out of the oven looking/smelling fine and dandy, SOMEONE must drop them. This time my poor woeful cake had to be rescued from halfway down the back of the fridge. Don't worry, it's a new fridge, and an accessible, dust-free-so-far area.

But I made cake, anyway, which means I get to force-feed cake to many people, including Lar, whom I dragged home this afternoon. "Let's eat cake!" Then I rushed her out of my house because I had to run down the hill and go tutor.

Today was a much more productive session. My student is getting the hang of similes and metaphors. It was odd because it's been ages since I've tutored in anything and I was sitting there, thinking, "My head does this and hers doesn't. How the heck do I make her brain DO these things?"

Also, my cellphone has been acting up a bit lately. It didn't show any texts received over the last few days, then suddenly received two days' worth of texts at 5:30pm-ish today. Yesterday, it suddenly went from near-full charge to declaring it was on dangerously low battery although it had been charged the night before and is usually good for three days. So if I don't respond to a text, perhaps I didn't get it. Email (gmail) is a better idea.

Joel is much better, I am coughing dramatically, and Alex has just got sick. WOE. I had better be better soon, I can't cough all over my Purple people.

Hah. The purple people eater can eat my Purple people!

Don't mind me, I had another inefficient Linguistics lecture and it's driving me bonkers.

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Is that a lecture on inefficient linguistics, or an inefficient lecture on linguistics?

Either way, I think you are taking note :P

It is an example of ambiguous hierarchical structure.

And yes, the lecture is inefficient, not the topic.

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