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SSar's Beast

Joel has already posted our new contact details but if you want them, ask and I'll email you.

I am pretty happy now that I have my voice back (yay) but now Joel is feeling under the weather.

My j key is screwing up. Woe.

I think we need to start up a Josh/Dani phone fund so that we can buy them phone cards so that they will actually respond to messages.

If anyone in Wellington is a Contact Energy customer, tell me so that I can drag you into town to take a survey for which you will receive $30.

Welcome to Wellington, Lar. Let me see if I can ambush you on Monday.

The people upstairs are some bubbly second-years, doing a variety of courses. They are the thumpy loud party type. They seem genial. Did I mention bubbly? Fizzy? Effervescent?

We have Andrew. Therefore everyone is living here now. Pretty much the first thing Alex and Andrew did was empty out the storage area. Neat.

As well as being pretty content and happy I am STRESSING OUT because I have to go tutor a girl in NCEA Level 3 English and her mother sounds super-organised in an achieverly sort of way and I haven't met the girl and I'm frantically revising my poetic language terms and GAHHH.

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Yay for having your voice back!!!
Aww, thats so sweet! <3 Thanks for the thought sweetie, but hopefully we'll be putting money on phones tonight. <3
Best of luck with the girl, I'm sure you'll do fine. <3

That is good to know. And thank you.
Poke Josh for me please :)

Whats this?
You are on the internets!

I have internetzor. It downloads. It works.

and another you! also on the internets!

today is full of surprises.

Firstly, stop stressing out. You are the most englishy person I know.

Secondly, whats a Lar and whats it doing in wellington?

Definition 'Lar':
Pronoun; name.
Person; girl.

Thesaurus results: charming, caring, obsessive, cute, fuuuuuunny and in Wellington to do Uni.

How very curious.
A potentialy delusional LJ-Embedded refrence service.
A refrence service with semi-colons!

Has anyone else seen this thing popping up?

It is a strange, yet marvelous occurrence to be sure.

However, she asks if you could kindly refrain from semi-colon discrimination. Its not their fault if she misused them. Also, she's hurt you only consider her potentially delusional.

If your master has any grievance with me, or wishes to communicate please pass on my request that she does it directly.

Talking through an online refrence service is just .. Something.

Too wonderful for words?
I agree.

However, you can reach her at
Alternatively, google her.
That seems to be the 'in' thing these days.

(Deleted comment)
Welcome to wellington, I guess.

Does your info service often give out such accurate details?

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