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SSar's Beast
Tonight I am almost tempted to go 'home' to Hamilton Road and crash on the futon because there I will actually be able to make myself cups of tea rather than the current process at Central Terrace which will be:

1) Buy tea
2) Buy sugar and LEMONS
3) Buy dishwashing liquid and scrubby cloths so that I don't feel bad about using dishes/cups
4) Buy rubbish bags because I draw the line at any kind of food scraps
4) Heat up water in a saucepan
5) Carefully combine ingredients in a mug.

I am already planning to complete step 3 before getting home; still.

I have two more nights of little-old-me alone in a house with lots of cardboard boxes. I think this would be a pretty cool thing if I weren't sick because I would invite people around and drag my mattresses to anyplace and play card games, or alternatively set up my computer and watch lots of DVDs from the store in Kelburn.

Layne kept me company last night and helped me find my cellphone charger. Of course, so far it's really hard to find anything except toiletries and coathangers.

By the way, why do none of the mice at iPlay right-click?

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it's not because they're macs, is it? (has no idea what iPlay is)

hazarding a guess, I would say they dont right click because they are heavily locked down from a security point of view.

there are many things in right click that the owners might not want people playing with.

Dude, idk, the no-right-click thing pisses me off something fierce. You're allowed to come by and use my internet if you like, if you can handle the touch-pad and mac. Just text and make sure I'm there (or if your phone's still out, knock on the door and see). :)

As the above have stated, it's security. Although one could be forgiven for thinking it was to do with desperately requiring maintennance. Only at iPlay will a computer refuse to log you in a dozen times before you realise it's because one of the keys in your password doesn't work.

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