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Grrr. Aarrgh.
SSar's Beast
The Gods of Flat Moving are really out to get me.

Last night I had a pleasant, business-like chat with blunebottle about phone lines and internet companies. Went to bed just after 11pm, feeling exhausted and for some reason extra-achey.

The next few hours consisted of the kind of fever dream where one is half awake, and talking out loud, and convinced that one is doing something in real life, but without any of the rational checks and balances that would tell one this doesn't add up. I was convinced I was calling telephone and internet companies. For some reason I was convinced I was calling several. I could feel my mouth getting dryer and dryer and my throat getting sorer, but at least I was sure I was getting stuff done. This went on until 2:43am, when the logical part of my brain finally woke up and said, "SSar, you haven't been calling anyone. You never took the phone out of the lounge."

Crap, I thought. And, after intermittent sleep, woke up in the morning with a hell of a headache. Took the day off work, slept for most of it, and am now feeling a little better, but not as if I want to get any packing done.

The Gods of Flat Moving are meanies.

In other news, starzend came around on Saturday night and passed the time pleasantly with Hannah and me. Our entertainment: mainly Tarot cards. Which are a fun way of starting conversations and getting to know people, it seems.

Did a Swords reading for myself, concerning academic progress, and was very impressed to get the Three of Swords and the Five of Swords. That just makes a LOT of sense to me. Of course, since it's me interpreting it... *shrugs* Tarot cards are best (especially when you're an amateur like me) not for telling the future, but for pointing out to you what you're really thinking.

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That is awful.

Moving sucks.

Of course, we tried to move six persons worth of stuff into one house, in one weekend...


Wow. The most we've ever moved at one time was three. But we had lots of help. And a tiny skateboard (surprisingly useful.)

Since everyone from my flat is going to be moving from different locations at different times, it won't be so much of a coordinated effort. Quite chaotic in fact.

How many flatmates do you have now?


Three couples. We share opinions regarding politics, cleaning, and Ice-Cream.

I will be moving soon as well... I am both looking foward to it and dreading it at the same time. Anyway, we should catch up when I am in Wellington for the Fringe.

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