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The Nipple Tontine
SSar's Beast
Just recently I have found myself waking up either one or two minutes before my alarm. I don't have a regular wake-up time which makes me even more pleased by this. This morning: with my alarm set for 5:20am, I woke up at 5:19am. How pleasing in a background sort of way. But the alarm has to be set. I can't cope without some sort of external reveille.

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Waking up before my alarm is the first sign of what is going to be a very good day. It's not even the radio music that wakes me up; my alarm makes this obnoxious 'click' sound as it turns on and THAT is what wakes me up. But being able to wake up two minutes before it so that I can shut it off before it turns on is just heavenly. Seriously, it's one of my favorite things.

Thats what wakes me up!

I do that all the time, I have a very good inner clock that knows when I want to wake up, and dislikes being woken up by the alarm but I need to set the alarm to sort of give it a reson to wake me...

Odd how the logic goes, isn't it? I think it's mostly been working for me because I have to climb down from my top bunk to turn off my cellphone-alarm (charger cord doesn't stretch that high) and I know I'll hate scrambling down fast enough to prevent it waking the rest of the house.

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