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SSar's Beast
Point for me - I wrote and made ready for postage two items of friendly correspondence today. Point against me - I am eating the biscuits I originally put in one pen-friend's Package. You see, I put the package together, dithered, sent it (to an obsolete address), received it again from postal authorities, dithered again, and now, have discovered that the biscuits are past their use by date. The biscuits are delicious. By the time you read this, there may not be any biscuits.

Unfortunately I cannot get my old-school French learning program to work. I unzip it and it says "Unexpected end of file" and the .EXEs don't run - or suddenly blink out. It's meant to run in DOS. Sheer user ignorance may be the problem here. Most disappointing. I wanted to stop the ladybirds climbing up the Eiffel Tower and scoot a little spaceship around collecting definite and indefinite articles. I mean, who wouldn't!?!?

The people downstairs have moved out.
They did it yesterday and must have done it VERY quietly because all of a sudden there's nothing there.
Curiouser and curiouser and conjecturesome.

I am taking playlist suggestions beginning with B today. Ie: Beck, Bright Eyes.

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Beatles - Happiness is a Warm Gun

I think I actually do have that on CD...

I did notice them moving an aweful lot of stuff.
I just thought someone was going on holiday.

as for your french game, remind me next time I'm at your place and I will see what I can do.

unfortunatly, all i can think of are things like, Britney Spears! the Backstreet Boys! Boyzone! which really isn't saying a lot about my musical taste.

Try selecting the .exe file and right clicking on it. From the menu that appears, select Compatibility. One of the options will be to run the file as if a previous operating system was being used. Select Windows 95 and click Apply. See what that does.

No, when I do that I get the same result.

Hmmm I seem to have started a trend with going through things from A to Z. but it was books we me...Try Beethoven.

Hi Helen! Maybe you did...! I'm not going through the alphabet methodically, though, I'm just picking random letters and making themes out of them. Ie, yesterday was meant to be Write-Letters-To-Correspondents-Beginning-With-P day, because I owe my grandmother Pandy a letter, I owe a letter to Pip, and I owe a letter to my parents. ^^;

Beethoven is a good idea. I will.

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