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In general
SSar's Beast
Taking binoculars on an aeroplane ride is delightful.

Courses are not such a pleasant prospect. It looks as though I must choose between scheduling a course clash, and finishing my studies mid-2008, or finishing up my studies at the end of 2008. Denim it: they have scheduled two courses necessary for one major to overlap with a course at the same level necessary for another, closely related major.

The only people who have seemed really interested in this flat's spare room so far are two guys, one in his 40s, one apparently so. The first one seemed vaguely OK, the second one seemed rather awkward. For example it took him a lot of prompting to tell us even a small bit about himself, and he hardly seemed to want to know anything about us. As Sam said, someone who'd pay rent and sit in his room. As Sam and Bex both said - surely there are other options. Unknowable.

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I will swim to you and rent the room. And fill it with strange incense smells and papers.

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