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Christmas, Time of Trial
SSar's Beast
Well, this one has been a bit unusual. I spent Christmas Eve by myself in my flat (though when I went shopping I left the balcony door open. BAD SSar.) and had no company but Brii until 4:30pm Christmas Day, when showed up. I was still cooking, so unfortunately he was standing in the hall reading a book when I dropped the cake I was making. "Aaaaaargh [clatter!]" I said, rescuing the poor thing and deciding it looked relatively undamaged. "Don't worry, it's nothing!" - and was quietly grateful that I'd just cleaned that section of floor.

I couldn't quite hide the destruction when "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrgh [CLATTER, SPLAT!]" happened a second time, and my newly iced cake (with lovely dark-chocolate-rum icing) splashed all over the floor. Totally non-recoverable, since THAT section of floor still smelled (and probably tasted) like Ajax Lemon Floor Cleaner. The good thing about this is that it gave Joel even further opportunity to practise his expression of wary incredulity.

Since I was cooking Christmas dinner for my parents, and had never really cooked for them before, this was not a reassuring incident, but nothing ELSE went wrong. In fact everything else looked/tasted great. Not every student flattie can cook up to his or her parents' standards. There were a couple of things I can improve on but I mostly felt good about that.

Mum had met Joel once, Dad not at all. My parents have a particular strategy when meeting friends of mine - they are quite garrulous at first, hoping to put the new person at ease, with the occasional leading question. However I wasn't expecting Dad to tell most of his life story. Heh. Oops.

Today we were to take the ferry over to Eastbourne and do some walking around the Muritai Park / Butterfly Creek area. This we did, despite the weather being uncertain and the ferry ride over rather choppy. Then we started on the walk. Unfortunately I had not realised that it was the initial part of the walk that was the most hilly, not the further extensions. The track went up. And up. And up. Etc. Lots of that. To my boyfriend's growing dismay. I should mention at this point that Joel appeared to be coming down with a cold and did not have shoes particularly suited to rugged treks. Dad strode ahead, I tried to keep him in sight, and Mum and Joel bravely followed.

By the time we got down again Joel looked much the worse for wear and fled on the bus. Probably a good move. Mum and I organised lunch and a movie, and I went home for about two hours while the parents shopped in town. Which brings us to now.

Basically, this has been one of the more tiring Christmases on record, although I like my gifts and more things went right than wrong. I am now disappearing for a week, which I hope will help to offer respite to a somewhat ill-used Joel. I wish I weren't going to be away on New Year's. It just made sense for me to drive up with my parents when they went back to Auckland. And it made sense for me to stay at least a week. Well.

On a completely different note, Chrissy, I got your card. Thank You! I was delighted. I get snail mail rarely.

Pork roast, cauliflower, potatoes, (but with half a jar of Portuguese Chicken Seasoning instead of instant onion soup) banana cake, chocolate rum icing, and also a salad of garlic roasted tomatoes and mushrooms. Yes, I love Food Down Under tooo much.

PS: I guess I missed Paul and Ellen in town today. That's just too bad. I'm glad I got a chance to rest, though.

PPS: Margaret and Bex got home. We played with the laser pointer Mum bought for Brii. I'd feel mean making her jump up walls after a dot of light if it weren't for the fact that she jumps up walls after moths all the time. I mean, this is training. It's nice having flatmates back in the house.

On a Final Note:

((((((((((Joel)))))))))) <-- that is me hugging Joel.

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I wish you'd told me that you were alone on xmas eve...you could have come to mom's with me. We had a lot of fun :)

Well, I did have reasons to be at the flat. It was just mildly odd to have it to myself. :) Thank you for offering.

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