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Creatures stirring: not me, not Brii, no mice.
SSar's Beast
Wish you were here - it's so quiet. Brii is curled up all-fuzzy-like on my bed; Fezz is in Whitby; Sam is in Strathmore; Bex is somewhere in the Wairarapas, I think. My plan of action is to stare at the screen for a brief further period, then check to see if I have worcestershire sauce, and if I don't, to brave the supermarket in its last two hours of being open tonight and get some.

-Fine. I have worcester sauce. Next item.

I didn't have the budget or the time to get a Christmas tree so I went into Fezz's vacated room and sellotaped some green paper to the door of his (once mine) closet in the shape of a tannenbaum silhouette. (Note my blatant cross-language thievery, hah!) Then I chucked all my presents for everyone in there. But now I'm going to decorate it properly. I might as well take advantage of the fact that I don't know how I'm going to get the sparkly lights down from the ceiling. I hung them, you see, when I had a BUNK BED in there. Even then it was a precarious business.

Escapist activities of note include reading the book Joel hid in my bed (awww, it's like a Christmas Eve present), playing Kingdom Hearts, playing Go, and endlessly perusing lists of houses for rent.

I had thought I would be faced with this call to duty several hours ago, but some Auckland friends unexpectedly appeared in town on their way to the South Island and I caught up with them over some cheap burgers. Nice. Philippa and Claire, from high school. Claire and I went through the usual ritual in which I prove I still have Zali's phone number memorised (despite it being several years since I've used it or written it down) and she scolds me. They seem so relaxed around each other. Sisters (a mystery).

Ventured to Northland yesterday for the last encounter with Paul and Ellen I will have for a while. I hate missing people when they're just across the city. - But on a cheerful note I found some postcards today I wanted to send you. They were wacky. I will also send you photos of my first successful knitting attempt. And some of Joel being wonderful to keep Paul on his toes, of course. That is how it is meant to work, correct?

I'm in Auckland for the New Year, back on the 4th.

Merry Christmas.

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So i went home today and found the door wide open and no-one home, i remained for a few hours and concluding that no-one was just popping down to the dairy or something i locked the house and removed my playstation from direct line of view from the door. We all have keys ya know, i know we are out of practice but at least try.

That said playing playstation on my gaint tv is awesome, you should try it.

If that was me, I'm sorry. Leaving the house this morning I had to go back at least three times for things I'd forgotten and was in a frazzled mood. You know leaving doors wide open doesn't happen very often. And I definitely closed the kitchen door.

You came home today? I'm confused. I thought you were away until after Christmas.

Also, are you going to be home over New Year's? If the answer is no we need to arrange for someone to feed Brii.

See, now, all you have to do is figure out a simple unbreakable routine. Mine is to have my keys IN MY HAND as I walk through the door. If you do that, then you'll never leave the door insecure, no matter how frazzled you may be. As I've mentioned, security is my particular neurosis so you're going to have to start thinking in that direction.

And Laura seemed grateful for her gift, though she was at work and did not open it.

Hey I do the same thing. I make sure I have my keys and my phone and my wallet before closing the door. I have a terrible habit of forgetting something inside so if you have your keys on you, SAVIOUR!!!

Well, this is just Fezz's advice TREAURE IT!

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