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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
There are several types of chaos going on at our house right now.

As I decided to type that, everyone settled down. Bex is perched on the sofa advising Fezz who is playing God of War. I clocked Zuma and loaded LJ. Sam isn't home and Brii is nowhere to be seen.

However, the chaos I have in mind is: Bex running around calling family and trying to figure out how her graduation cape hood is meant to attach; Fezz preparing for his family's arrival as they are to pick up some of his larger furniture today; me playing Zuma in its mindless, progressive musicality; Fezz and I talking over each other in trying to figure out what is about to happen with this flat's bond and two-weeks-in-advance rent; me trying to figure out how to take apart the two large items of furniture in MY room, because neither of them were assembled by me. I will probably need Bex's help with the bed. Also Fezz needs to call the builder about the hole in his floor (this builder's procrastination has been most frustrating!) and I need to write a letter to our landlady about the future of our lease.

Chaos, sweet chaos. It gets too quiet around here...

Summer solstice (as well as another note-worthy event) is on December 22nd, yet the people I passed on Lambton Quay today were wearing anoraks, scarves, and typically Wellingtonian coats and jackets, in bizarre contrast to the clothing store windows beside them. Bring on the tornado training.

Cordelia's party last night seemed to go quite well. I'm afraid I was rather tired for most of it, but everyone seemed to be having a good time and there was food and drink and dessert (!) to go round.

I have spent the last two weeks being briefed on mobile phones, so if anyone is considering buying a new phone (in New Zealand, anyway) soon, please mention it to me so I can use all this useless information. For example, I know how to get you a 2MP camera phone for less than $100! As I said, useless information.

And now I shall turn off my computer, dis-assemble (?) my desk and bed, and feebly cry Hooray!

I think I'll go to bed early tonight.


Upon further reflection I will not take apart my desk tonight. Only my bed. The former will be too much of a hassle.

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You have god of war?
Bex approves? 0.o

For example, I know how to get you a 2MP camera phone for less than $100!

You know what?

*angelic eyes*

Of course, this is on Vodafone, and comes with a contract. However, the contract only ties you down to $20 a month minimum.

Vodafone Johnsonville rocks.

Eh, I don't spend that much. Thanks. :)

Glad you had a good time. I hope you feel less sleepy soon

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