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a mystifying rant on the game of go
SSar's Beast

Just played a 10 kyu player having a bad day on KGS. The player resigned, flattering me so as to make him- or herself feel better. Meaning that since that was my first game under new profile, KGS awarded me the rank of (9k?).


Just so you understand, 9k is the rank I would get if I played very earnestly for at least a year. I find this very funny, mostly because they take rank really seriously on KGS and now I have to slowly set my rank back to its proper level, apologising all the way to people who will have expected a tougher match. Big ooops.

I'm a 20kyu at best!


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you are better than 20kyu..
when I was regularly playing on pandanet I got a ranking of 20kyu (until I stopped playing regularly)

even then you could still beat me.

Well, I don't know what my pandanet ranking would have been, they tend to vary a bit between servers. I just know I was struggling to get above 22 kyu on KGS. Of course, they say they've tightened up the rankings a bit.

go ranking

it depends on the server... because of the difference in international rankings.. at one time a 1k in korea was close to professional... beginners start at 30k in japan ... or 20 (however they say kyu in korean) to a 2 dan you are both beginers... how cute...

Is it 20 "kyu" in Korea then?

I know. And I'll be a beginner for quite a while yet, I think. At least we are both amused, if for different reasons.

Who are you?

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