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Happy December
SSar's Beast
A week of holiday and I've actually been social! Go me. I admit most of the time the organising was done by other people. But it's been nice, firstly not to be working, and secondly to be talking to friends. Laser force! Huzzah. Movies with Cordelia! How lovely. Dinners out with friends! Capital. Drinking games! Neat. People coming over to watch movies! Smashing.

For example, today. Childhood friend I hadn't talked to in about five years called me at home, thanked me for the umpteenth time for getting him on to fantasy & science fiction, asked about the Wellington Anime Club (the official one... oops) and told me to read David Weber.

Go figure.

Yes, that was truly bizarre.

And Paul and Alex are both going to learn go. Yay! Guess which Kiseido Go Server I'm going to go hang out on. Got it. Or maybe I'll just practise tsumego.

And I've been with Joel for one year and two days now.


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Congrats on the year (and two days) tis truely a milestone.

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