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SSar's Beast
The board game Balderdash is best played at the end of an evening as the laughing tends to exhaust everyone. In related news, 'studdle' quite obviously means 'The stubble found on the chin of manly men'.

Grant locked a kid in a cupboard temporarily and hasn't been fired yet. Yay? I misrepresent, of course.

My coworker Heather mentioned this morning that it was her birthday. At the end of the day when we arrived back at Charlie's place, Charlie looked furtive and slightly flustered. And complained that we had arrived too early. The birthday cake she was baking was not yet done. Awwwwww.

Also, according to reports, the Dread Pirate Paul and Good Queen Ellen have arrived on our shores. I can't verify. I wasn't there. *sniff*

Bex, like me, is scared of the glowy Santa pen given to me by Layne.

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I love Balderdash! Except no-one will play it with me because they accuse me of always winning... :(

i wasn't scared! it was just incredably distracting! and it gave me a bit of a shock when i first used it. Which only happened because i was completely sleep deprived... i mean lets face it for a large part of that evening i was rolling on the floor laughing at the way the carpet blurred... i wasn't sane i say!

There has to be a way to play over the net.... Hm. Well, I'll think of you when I play it. I'm glad it's your game too.

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