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Interim report
SSar's Beast
And I have my cellphone back. Hurrah for honest pedestrians & the J'ville police station. Also for Student Health:

"Hi, is Sara there? It's Nurse Cargill calling about those antibiotics you were taking... ... Oh, I called your cellphone earlier --"

"Yeah, I lost it a few days ago --"

"It's at Johnsonville Police Station. I called it and they picked up."

I would like to claim credit for finding it - but I suppose I really can't.

Currently peacefully perusing NCEA unit standards. It's been a while since I had to be familiar with those. You can tell, because phrases like 'transactional writing' make me blink. Oh, they mean 'report'. It's nice that everything is set out so formally. You could almost believe that they hadn't just approved the use of txtspk in exams. Now, should commas should be placed inside brackets, or outside...?

Bad news: I was hoping to be there when Paul and Ellen will disembark at Wellington tomorrow. BUT Charlie called me this afternoon, summoning me to work. Pfizzle. Nyerg. Denim. Grah. I am actually starting to wish she had more people working for her. It is entirely possible that next week will contain four separate projects: coffee, Purple, HML, and cellphone mystery-shopping again.

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It's nice not only to recover a missing object, but to recover it with such an amusing story added on at no extra cost. Huzzahs all 'round!

It is coincidental that you reply with a 'Huzzah!', as that is exactly what I set about texting to some of my friends who had known my cellphone was missing. It was interesting to see who instantly comprehended the import of this exclamation.

Sadly I was not one of those people with instant comprehension.

If you don't mind me asking, who was?

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