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This Is A Filler Entry!
SSar's Beast
About ten minutes after I got home tonight this evening Sam and Michelle and Margaret all arrived at the same time and for the next hour one could not make oneself heard above anyone else in our kitchen. All so very cosy. Coziness is a quality that's very difficult to achieve deliberately but you know when you've got it. Giggling at people has given me a lot more energy than I had when I got home. I cried mercy on the corner of Cathie Place in Karori today, and went home with half my quota still to be done tomorrow. My boss didn't argue too much because I performed miracles for her yesterday. When I came home self-satisfiedly whining about having to do HML and Purple together on both days of the weekend, my flatmates remarked that this sounded like "doing" some form of drugs.

Looking at the above paragraph, I can't detect any coherency. Let's turn to another source.

Email from my mother, excerpt therein:

I also got a much-better-quality swiveling lamp to attach to the lathe. The one that was there before works, electrically, but its arrangement of springs and screws gave it a very sloppy adjusting action. You had to position it in a way from which you thought the lamp would flop into the position you actually wanted. Very imprecise.

Hurrah for people who can describe everyday things in such a way as to make people like me think, "I know what just you mean and I would never have known how to say it." And:

We got a flyer for one of the major pizza chains, Domino's I think, in the letter box. It was a four-sided A4 leaflet. In big letters on the front, it said "NOT JUST A COUPON BOOK --- IT'S A BOOK OF COUPONS!!!!!!!" That was so jaw-droppingly absurd, and I'm still a bit in awe of the banality of it.

It's so ridiculous it's almost pretentious.

I am compiling some rants on public transport, since there seem to be some kindred souls about.

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What must one do to obtain a "Book of Coupons!!!!" ?
I must contrast this new thing with a Coupon book.

there HAS to be some difference right?

I think it has something to do with the use of a genetive/possessive ;P

You are telling me that one of these (obviously superior) products only differs from the other in the wording of its NAME?

What kind of sick sub-human would so mercilessly mis-inform the populace in such an underhanded manner?

And why didn't I read this before I visited you tonight and use the opportunity to vanquish he who so vilely mocks men?

I mock no men, merely those who must mis-inform mail-box openers everywhere!
(who as my previous post established are some form of sub-human)

Not just a coupon book: it's a book of coupons" is possibly the best rubbish I have ever heard. Save it. Frame it even. At least save it so's I can see it with my own eyes.

thats an awesome sentence, and in the banality stakes, it ranks up there, right alongside the burger king 'have it your way' thing. Sample quote: "Because 'mabye' means making decisions" - arrrg, no it doesnt. it means the exact opposite!!!
i would complain about public transport, but here in berlin, its perfect.

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