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Oesophagus fetishes...
SSar's Beast
So, on Friday, my boyfriend told me how much he loved me.

He offered me a ring.

And a question.

To which I said yes...

After hinting all evening about a secret, waiting until we got home, sitting me down, making a speech whose rehearsed nature he frequently referred to, telling me how happy he was to be with me, jingling a small metal object out of sight, and telling me he had a Question for me, he gave me a keyring, and said, "Move in?"

Then chortled recurringly about the look of wary horror that had been stealing across my face.

Upshot is, we plan to have shared living arrangements next year. Hataitai, large flat, some other flat, what may come. That, of course, is a large new factor in the discussions our flat has had about Next Year, which are all tabled until Fezz finds out whether he's moving to Auckland or not.

And I should probably mention I'm pretty darn happy about all this.

Despite the fact that Joel is incorrigible and sneaky.

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Thank you for being the first to congratumalate me :)

Living together is awesome. It's like being in a giant hug.

(Also, in your case, you'll have access to Joel's sci-fi collection, which I would imagine is rockin' awesome.)

And speaking of, I'd just like to apologise in advance for my part in turning Paul into a grunting maniac via the big stack of stuff he'll be returning with. Seriously, big stack- I'd estimate a year's worth or so. I'll try my best to not actually GIVE him the big stack of stuff until the last possible moment (so that your holiday doesn't turn into him gazing at the pretty pictures and cheering the victories of the Terran Fleet) but he can be pretty grabby....

"but he can be pretty grabby"

Don't I know it.

Oh. You were talking about the DVDs, weren't you...

Living together = tea brought to desk by a smiling face when you're drained from studying or just being online.


Heh. That's what flatmates are for.
Boyfriends are for sitting back-to-back with when reading. Or for hiding under the covers together in terror of the bellicose - not jellicose - cat.

Awwww! Way! I'm very, very vicariously excited.

you had gullible me going with your introduction. :P
that's awful sweet though. i am excited for you.

that was soo sneaky, when joel told me i was congrats now hes gloating. i still owe you $10. how about i get your brii a cat coller cos the one i got my nala last week has a really loud and easily rung bell. txt me ok, laura

those are my favourite kind of happy eyes

theres a joke in here about noisy love making, but i'm too tired to really remember it.

*laughs* Congrats.
You completely sucked me in.

It's time we followed your good example. :)

Hah. Congratulations, you guys. :D

Oh, Morbane, you devious subverter of narrative expectation, you. :P

I hope you have a great time together, wherever you may end up.

That is a lovely thing to say to me, oh Bunne. May your wishes come true, enabling you to read this comment from work.

A flat? I'm jealous that you can say flat. Mainly becuase in Texas... It's just.. house. Or apartment. Or ya'll. =(

I'm excited for you. =) That's awesome!

'Flat' is really just a student term here.... What I live in is a two-storey house that at some point in its past was divided up to create two separate apartments, one on each floor. We live up top. Students here tend to call their place a "flat" no matter what sort of building it is.

Thank you.

Congratulaions! Cute couple freinds overload.

Having seen Tom and Matty this morning, I now understand how you could come to overdose on the sap.

....Oh my fucking god, for a second, I really, HONESTLY thought you were getting married.

I preen. I didn't think I would fool you. Actually, I wasn't sure you still read this.

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