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What really happens when a black cat crosses your path
SSar's Beast
Tonight I got off the train at Wellington Station, headed homeward, and, since the next bus wasn't coming past for another ten minutes, I strolled along Lambton Quay. Huddled in an alcove by the Public Trust offices was a very bedraggled fluffy black cat. When I leaned down to offer my fingers to the cat for it to sniff, it jumped up on my knee.

It had a collar tag, so I called its - now Ebby's - owner, thinking that Lambton Quay on a wet Saturday night was no place for a cat. Indeed, the cat's home was up Tinakori Road. So, on the owner's suggestion, I picked Ebby up, took a taxi up to Thorndon, and dropped him off in his owner's arms.

Then I found my way home. That took a while.

Conclusion: If a black cat crosses your path you will turn about 270* clockwise and be over-repaid by $3.30.

Happy Birthday Yirry! Many thanks to Joel and Alex who have contributed to this holiday.

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What a delightful story, good Morbane! I'm so glad the cat got home, safe and sound.

What are you going to do with that $3.30 now?

It'll probably go towards the Get Brii an Engraved Collar Tag fund.

Agh! I missed Yirry's birthday by two hours and 45 minutes, so a belated (but still happy) birthday wish is gien by me :D

Go Ssar the kitty saver!!!

You are going to have some good cat karma now I bet. ;pp

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