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The Unforgiving Minute
SSar's Beast
So, things are good. Gosh, it's been ages since I've vented angst into my journal. Isn't that super. You see, October 7th was a SSar Day, one of those ones where happiness seeps in unexpectedly, surprising me, and reminding me how to be myself. And right AFTER I realised it was a SSar Day, I was able to gratify myself by returning a woman's wallet that she'd left on the bus. (And the bus waited for me around the corner while I jumped off and gave it to her.)

And it's been a good week. There has been work, with good totals. Maybe a little less than I need, but my boss is going to some considerable effort to bring me *more* work. I have Double Purple this weekend, which is icky but solid, and if I do it well, my boss gives me vouchers of my choosing.

On Sunday, my coworker picked me up from work at 9:00am, I got to work at 9:20am, and I took the last train home from Wingate at 11:19pm. Fourteen hours, seriously. I did seven and a half hours of fieldwork, and Charlie texted to say, "You can come back if you want." I asked if there was paperwork to do. We spent five more hours trading the phone back and forth and filling out sheets.

I'm writing more letters. I'd really like to re-establish contact with some people whose connections with me aren't as strong as they used to be. Tell me if I owe you a letter. Blairette, I would like to write *you* a letter, but I'm unaware of your street address. Email or text it to me, please?

And, MOST IMPORTANTLY!! it is Yirry's birthday on October 14th.

Yirry is my imaginary friend of five years or so.

You know how I hate celebrating my birthday? Well, as a consequence, I turn Yirry's day into one of fun and quirks. I don't want presents, but if you could give me some kind of acknowledgment - a word, a text, use of yellow or gray (including blue-gray) - I would be grateful. Yirry - I saddled her with Yirry Lucille Langhorne for various reasons, like B B King and Mark Twain - is a game to me. Her 'existence' makes me happy. Validate her and help me out.

And if I may make you happy, tell me here.

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A SSar day? What a nice concept. I'd quite like an Alex day.

Of course, five years in an important landmark for anyone with five fingers on each hand, so I shall send Yirry a happy birthday text or similar.

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