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SSar's Beast
Some of Morbane's tenets:

- Praise.
- The people who demonstrate the most power to make you happy are also those who can hurt you the most, and who will.
- Power and responsibility are simultaneous.
- There is always a choice of some kind within your power.
- Personal integrity is a source of strength.
- There is always another angle from which to see things.

I'll add to these later. For now I'm just listening to that old musical Chess. I love it. I loved it last time I heard it, which was three years ago at least.

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Dear Morbane,

I forgot to thank you for that poem you sent me, so here is my belated response:


After reading it, I imagined writing in the dark on my computer, possibly by turning the monitor off, or something. Could have been interesting...

Love, Katie.

Buneater, dear, now I have no idea which poem you are thanking me for, but be assured you are very welcome. ^!^

And so my quest to track down all of the WW people continues. Hah. It's FallenStarlett. <3

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