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SSar's Beast
Hello! Currently sitting on the computer being lazy and reading about online mathematics journals and large conglomerates. It's a good holiday so far.

The party I flew up for was great - I met almost all the people Pip has been telling me about, as well as tripped over their toes. Also there was a gypsy band and a "performance art guy". Huh. (I missed those.) Now I am waiting for Pip to return from uni, putting off helping clean up the house, and thinking about breakfast.

The skies have opened. It is very very wet here. There is thunder. And lightning.

Anyone need anything from Auckland? And DON'T say 'David Nykl'.

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David Nykl!!

What? You didn't honestly think I'd pass that up when you as much as told me to say it, did you?

If I bring him here from Auckland, guess where he WON'T be in two weeks.
Make some sense, please. :)

I need a hug. Bring one please?

A bag of Twistees. and some jafa's

I had some jafas but I sent them back up to Auckland because of their use-by dates.

Could you bring me the Sky Tower? Or maybe the Harbour Bridge. Or are you flying back? That might put you over your baggage limit.

Bus, actually. I don't know, the idea of the Sky Tower strapped to the top of our two-decker coach like a sort of wildly disproportionate battering ram has an appeal.

So whose house am I levelling here?

I will write you a letter soon! I WILL!

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