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(happy birthday Mum!)
SSar's Beast
Before commencing, a couple of items of interest.

1. To the person who discovered my cellphone on the side of the (busy) road, picked it up, and put it on top of a small letterbox close to where I'd left it so that it would still be there when I came back half an hour later: Thank you very much. I know my brain was going fuzzy at that stage of the day, but it probably would have served me right to have lost it; and that I was not taught a valuable lesson adds to the altruistic nature of your kindness.

2. To the bus parked outside Pipitea Campus two days ago, bearing a digitised sign stuck halfway between NOT IN SERVICE and what I must assume was HIGHBURY, achieving instead a close approximation of 'NOT IN, SEXY': you are a three-dimensional advertisement for pix-capable phones.

3. To Cathy: Happy Birthday! Thank you for the French postcard. "Last night we had dinner at a tiny restaurant that serves only trout, cooked by the man who raises them." Hurrah for specialisation and hurrah for you, Mum. In fact, yesterday was a good day for my letterbox. I also got a package from Napier.

4. To anyone sympathetic to chronic misunderstandings: Here is the tale of SSar, who said, "Does anyone in your household identify as Maori?" and of the Asian respondent, who explained to SSar about sunshine and the house's position until, a baffled ten minutes later, they realised that he was mistaken and she hadn't asked him anything about his potential problems with things going moldy.

5. To the 83-year-old English man (and proud of it, of course!): Before I met you I never knew that old men dancing around in their fluffy slippers could actually prove a (not entirely absurd) point. "You see, the theory goes, with the strength of the Lord, I can..." [jump up and down and go around in circles, waving arms]. "But just with my own strength, I... I'm dizzy."

But there were more causes creating a good weekend. Most obviously, sleeping over with Joel in Newlands. It is so far the nicest way to wake up. Mmmmm.... [mmmmmmm cut short for purposes of preserving the functionality of my keyboard's M key]

Discussing the Sci Fi elections, and Minions and their uses -
SSar - 'I'd hate to leave my post vacant.'
Joel - 'But it would be my post that would be left vacant.'
SSar - 'Gah.'

See you when I see you. I'm going to go find my childhood fairytale books and do some editing. For enchanted/fairytale prince, similarly 'knight on a white horse', read 'Geek President' in red pen.

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I tried to comment on this the other day, but LJ went all stupid on me. Guh! Thank you for making me laugh... I had a huge smile on my face the other night, it felt good after a week of general suckiness. So... Chur. :D Hopefully I can do the same for you. Except that I wouldn't want to wish that virus on anyone so... Hopefully I don't have to do the same for you. Hells yeah.

Back to the Chaucer essay. 6 pages down. Yay.

Aw, that's awfully nice of you. Hurrah for general cheeriness. How is Chaucer doing?

I'm on eight (handwritten) pages so far. I had guests over last night so couldn't write any more, and I'm becoming one with the library tonight until one of the following two things happen:

a) I finish my essay
b) The Library closes

I've got two significant points to write about, and a conclusion. What I've written so far could do with refining, but that will happen when I type it up. I'm aiming to hand it in tomorrow. Eep.

Your mother's birthday is on the 25th? Mine's is on the 26th!

How old is your mother now?

You know, I'm not actually sure. I haven't asked for a while. I think she's 55, but what'll happen if I ask? :)

My friend Lucy's birthday is on the 26th. All these Librans.

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