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Fine & Dandy
SSar's Beast

I just had a great evening, and want to smile about it a bit, before it moves on to its next excellent segment. Group Dinner was really nice tonight. Somehow just the right sort of mix seemed to happen. There wasn't any absurd arguing about what food to eat, because we all got our own takeaways and met back at the City-Sea Bridge. And then when we all got too cold we went back to Courtenay Central and ate ice-cream. Lots of people were there whom I don't usually see - Glen, Gina, Ana, Nic, Cordelia, so forth.

And now those of us Hamelin-children who drink, and John, and Frances, are playing drinking card games. And tomorrow will be work, and something interesting will happen, because something always does.

Love and goodwill,


PS: Yesterday: also neat. It involved lots of people in formal dress praising Joel. I'm on board with that. And the day before, and so forth... Life in general is so good. Thank you, those who are to be thanked.