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Chalk and Cheese
SSar's Beast
Fezz and I played fierce Asian War Tetris (aka Panel de Pon) on my computer. Layne watched. I suggested he climb up to my bunk bed, a more comfortable perch, and provided the ladder. Shortly after Layne was complaining bitterly about the trap I had set for him, as he now lacked the willpower to climb down. Then he fell asleep. Still asleep. I guess I sleep on the couch or in Sam's vacant bed tonight. Oh well... it's so strangely peaceful in the same room as a sleeping person. Brii is also asleep on the top bunk... I owe Bex half her vet fees but haven't seen her since I got home.

I had a stroke of luck tonight. My boss, Charlie, had been to a conference in Auckland today, and caught the same flight back to Wellington as I did. So, her family gave me a lift back from the airport. 'Twas neat. I would make my boss a small shrine were this not creepy and weird. She is truly the best boss ever. Cheva vs. Charlie, bad boss and good boss. So very much so.

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Where do you work now Morbane? I don't know if it's just me forgetting or if I just forgot.

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