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SSar's Beast
Today I went for a run. Layne persuaded me to get up at 6:30 so we could jog around Hataitai. I must be masochistic because I agreed to do it again on Wednesday morning. Just so you know, I have always loathed running as an exercise, even though I quite often sprint short distances (the bus stop to home every evening) for no particular reason, a practice that extends to crazy proposals like, "Come on! We can beat the airport bus back to Mamari St! It's only just left!" (And we nearly did.)

I am, you see, a black belt in Running to Catch the Bus.

It's also days like today that I enjoy having a cellphone. Some of the texts I got today were about crime-solving. Others were from a friend fundraising for a mad, sudden jaunt to Sydney. Huh.

We have put a collar, and a bell, on Brii. She is somewhat psychotic as a result. I feel so bad at her obvious, jingling discomfort that I let her explore outside today while I was hanging up my washing. And again, when I took it down this evening. Layne and I watched her very tentative explorations, herded her back inside, closed the door, and went into the lounge to replace some light bulbs. Five minutes later, a confused and alarmed black cat ran into the lounge and out again, looking for an exit... Neighbours' cat is now banished. Brii is somewhat reassured.

This should be a good evening. Course readings, an email or two, then watching DVDs with Layne and maybe Sam.

And the pleasant task of planning which Film Festival movies to go to.

Life is excellent, save that I have not seen my locket necklace for several days and am perplexed and dismayed by its refusal to turn up in the house, which it definitely did not leave.

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you did take her to be spayed right?! last monday? How much did it cost?

Of course! Read earlier. She gets her sutures removed on Thursday.
I don't know how much it cost. Sam and Fezz paid as was the agreement.

Most of my kitties go bananas with collars as well. Only Garfield has been wearing his for the last 12 years.

Truth be told, I'm hesitant to put collars on the young ones, for fear I'll find them hanged one morning, since they insist on climbing everywhere. :S

My fears, quite.
Brii is extremely unwise even indoors - swiping lit candles from their perches and so on.
However, the cats I grew up with all wore collars and were quite resigned to them. I maintain hope.

I hardly think you're in any position to Huh at people taking mad, sudden jaunts.

Which is why I agreed to fund her.
Her way of recruiting was somewhat madcap, that's all.

You are running!? You shall be converted into a runner. I can feel it. It can happen! My mom despised running and has taken it up recently.

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