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No Such Thing as a Transparent Solid
SSar's Beast
Hey there.

I climbed over 2000 stairs today. That's well over the height of the Eiffel Tower. I also, I guess, got paid for walking up and down Allenby Terrace. How many students can claim that?

Most people are indifferent but at least one household I visited was super-friendly. They (a girl and a guy, both about three-five years older than me) invited me in before I'd even got past my spiel, offered me tea about three times, and were very amused by all my caveats of "I can't tell you that."

"So, what's this survey about?"
"I can't tell you until you qualify. Dum dum dum dummm."
"So, once we've done this survey, you have to kill us?"

Soon realised they were, in fact, disqualified. This did not stop them offering me tea, etc. I felt as if I'd made friends. Was very tempted to quit for the day right then and spend the evening hanging around with them, but there might just have been enough time to fit one more survey in and I couldn't justify stopping.

I was too shy to ask these people if I could come back some time. My loss, I know. When you come across neat people, you should try to hang on to them. And it's against professional ethics to send them letters. Gah.

The best way to describe my day, I guess, would be in the change of temperature.

I woke up curled happily around Joel, all nice and warm and snuggly, I ran off to catch a bus (room temperature), I ate some soup for breakfast, I wandered around in the rain and wind getting colder and colder, and the coldest point of my day was when I came home and had a COLD SHOWER.

Looked at that way, I clearly should never have got out of bed.
Even if my boyfriend does say things like,

"Hey! I can sell your feet to the Libyans!"