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de Brii
SSar's Beast
Hello. I am admiring my new computer set-up while simultaneously admitting that I need to clean my keyboard and the monitor's plastic casing. While I was in Auckland, Laura delivered her old corner desk. It has compartments. It's also still covered in sticky notes saying, "Right hand cabinet," "desk top top," "left hand shelf," etc. Some parts have two notes. I've very fond of them.

Auckland was lovely. I went girlishly op-shopping. Suse and Pip came with me; however they sat in the corner and chose vinyl record covers to decorate Suse's room with, and I had to frighten them with lacy leotards. (Maybe that was a bit extreme.) Suse started a James Last collection, "Because he has fireworks coming out of the side of his face!"

In total, I saw Pip on four of the six days I was there. Since I saw Pip for perhaps fifteen minutes on my last official visit to Auckland, I was happy. But she would not allow me to tell Phill that I was responsible for the anonymous letters.

People apparently missed me. Sam and Joel picked me up from the airport as evidence of this, and of their kind natures. They didn't even pause for me to drop my luggage off at home, which indirectly led to me assaulting Tara with pillows.

When at Nic's party (yay Nic) Bex told me off for giving the cat snacks in the middle of the day. She brought Layne in to support her on this: "She's been attacking Layne because he hasn't been giving her lunch!"

Layne displayed a variety of scratches on arms and forehead. I winced. There is irony here, as Layne was responsible for providing Lemon Demon's kitten song,

She's cuddly
She's lovely
When she's in a happy mood
She loves her kitten food
But she's got such an attitude
Completely rotten attitude...
Darting around and miaowing quite a bit and throwing such a hissy fit
I don't know what to make of it
Don't touch her
Don't look at her
My kitten knows tae kwon do
She can take you out I know
I've seen it before and it's not pretty
She's really one ferocious kitty
-cat, now
She's deadly
She'll hurt you
She'll show you endless pain
Her little whiskers are stained with the blood of those that she has slain
Believe me she will go insane

So he should know.
Not sure who's going to take the punishment tomorrow when, pre-operation, she will go through a non-voluntary day of fasting...

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Whats the tune to it? :)

The best way I could describe it would be to suggest you download it, I'm afraid.


Demon demon is great!


I miss you. And I miss wishing Joel a merry christmas.

And we never did make it to california...

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