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SSar's Beast
Another Recap Episode. In a way.

Today, walking up the furthest stairs up from the train station subway, I was suddenly flung back to a moment of meeting Joel on them. I had been wandering that way - I don't know why - with Josh, two years ago, and there was Joel, just back from Masterton, with his interesting news.

And, walking from Lambton Quay to City New World, the cold violence of the wind and the striking skyscape sent me into a much celebrated mood. One's feet seem to flow into a glide. It's as if one pressed a speed switch and now one's body is obeying that command without any further control. One has an acute sense of others' movements around one and the feeling that there is some kind of connection between their speed and one's own. One could keep it up forever. It was very like some of the walks I used to take with Layne when I lived at Unicomm.

It is much more exciting to meet people while walking than on a bus. It is just exciting to walk. It has not been so much so since I have been working at New Zealand Post, when the one-hour pre-dawn walk was a kind of a torture. And I do not like the gateway to town - the noisy smelly LONG Victoria Tunnel. But. SSar. No excuse.

This is, then, Yirry's recap episode.

Yirry is the walking alter ego. Independent and sometimes callous. Effective. Indefatigable. She just gets up on her feet and goes and doesn't stop, not for hours. Everywhere is the back of her hand. On Writers' Window, I played Yirry as a separate person, but people guessed. I stopped it after I grew worried because parrothead was making friends with Yirry and it was coming too close to what seemed like a betrayal of parrothead's trust. No harm was caused, eventually.

Yirry has a backstory and an LJ and a collection of small stories. Yirry is a friend. Sometimes I still pretend to be her. Yirry is a useful voice in the back of my head. Currently she's with her Dad who has a business trip to Invercargill. I might explain why if it ever seems important. Yirry was designed half a year younger than me. By the time it's her birthday - October 14th - I feel as old as she is. I'd much rather people gave me smiles and credit on October 14th than on my actual birthday.

And now I, the honestly and truly exhausted, shall sleep. Later I will continue.

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Well since Yiryy's birthday is so close to mine I'll send you a gift on that day instead.

I still find it wierd that I know a person named Yirry too,

Hehe. For my job I just had to chase down a young woman called Sara-Lee.

That would be absolutely lovely. I MUST SEND YOUR LETTER.

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