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Ps and Qs
SSar's Beast
For the fourth day in a row I have woken up in the dark.. and turned over and gone back to sleep. Churzah. No more New Zealand Post. Got a nice friendly call from Jesse asking to which address he should send my last payslip. I think I'll call him back tomorrow.

Joel hath said cutely-

SSar - "So I poked my head around the door, and there was James," (referring to her flatmate's guest)
Sam - "Jamie."
SSar - "I can't keep them straight..."
Joel - "No... No, you can't." (with particular emphasisis)

Joel - "And when I say you, I mean your parents, because according to Star Trek, you are nothing but your parents' building blocks!"
Joel - "Huh. Remind me to submit them for an award in architecture."

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Yay it's MORBANE! THanks for IMing on MSN!

*grins* And you disappeared just when I was asking you about writing. Oh well. Good to touch base. :)

I can't help it dear...my net went blah and I had to take my friend Jessica home anyways...so yeh.

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