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Pomegranate mark
SSar's Beast
In my recaps I realise that I left out a lot of, not last week, but the week before that. Justice must be served: it was an interesting week. I went to the Graduation of three of my friends. Apart from the dress codes, it was hardly any more grand than my high school prizegivings. I don't know if I found the reminder of the purpose of University study that I was looking for. Not that that diminished the achievements of Phil, Polina, and Jonathan, who gave the Graduates' Address. Nor,at a separate ceremony, those of Frances and Nicki.

The Aiv Ictor I imagined when I first came down - the ivory tower to the Nth power, full of things to discover and master - is a perspective that has taken second place to the Vic Uni of social interactions, coffee, sudoku, and the flatting lifestyle.

Since Frances was here for the week, she came around on Saturday to meet Brii. Much fun and pancakes. So much fun that she didn't leave until four thirty. By which time, the cat had terrorised us sufficiently to cause us to pad ourselves with blankets and pillows for our own safety. "Watch out - she moved!"


Despite our pretence at hearty, healthy lifestyles, the members of our flat have not been eating a lot of veges lately. I guess this is partly because our fridge, with some gallows humour, has been freezing our tomatoes and carrots. Unfair! Tomatoes cost an arm and a leg right now. Oh well: it does at least highlight their flexibility as projectile weapons. Throw a room-temperature tomato at your adversary, and you achieve mess, disorientation, and humiliation. Throw a frozen tomato at your adversary and you may well knock him or her out. Yes, I recommend the tomato in defending your household!

Joel and I have a semiversary today. ^!^

My flatmates are all smirking at me today because one of the lower support bars of my bed snapped last night. Does anyone know someone who might be able to put it back together for a small fee? (Welding, I guess, but it snapped quite close to the wooden part, which could be tricky.)

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No, not the bed! I feel your pain.

Thereby halving it, as my bed is halved.

Isn't that bl9_knt's old bed?

And I would think a certain weasel we both know would be quite proud it's broken.

By a twisty turn of events it is, in fact, not 's old bed. It is the bed my parents bought for me off trademe. My mother never did get an answer from the seller to her question about whether or not the bed would be sturdy enough for two active adults: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Home-living/Bedroom/Beds-bases/Bunks/auction-52562163.htm

You're very right, though, I don't know if he CAN get any smugger. I suppose it's possible...

To quote Rita Skeeter, "Ah, young love. How...stirring."

In fairness, her flatmates would probably have been smirking less if, when I was asked about it, my confirmation hadn't included the words "Because I'm that good."

Consider my flatmates and their love of smirking, and ask yourself whether it really made any difference.

I'm thinking it made a lot of difference to Mr Weasel...

*highfives back*

Yes, metal was snapped with an almighty crash, and indeed twas morning before we had sufficient energy to take a look at the damage. But don't worry, Paul- with sufficient study, practise and effort, I'm sure it's a skill you too can master. I believe in you.

For my next trick, I will travel backwards through time to the USSR and use my newfound experience to bend Josef over my knee and snap him in two. I will then say some things. "Guys? Remember how you were about to shoot the Red Army's officer corps? Yeah, we're not doing that anymore. Also, our tank production? That's going EAST of the Urals. EAST. That's very important. I know this all sounds very weird, but in the long run, it'll mean that we get to Paris, and we'll STAY there. Couple of other things I wanted to mention.... Oh, yeah. World Communist Revolution? Change of plan on that, but to make it up to you, have some iPods. Also, that Korolev guy? Give him WHATEVER THE HELL HE WANTS. All right, off you go. Leave the vodka with me."

I'm sorry for being so skittish today. In fairness, I generally am. I'm tempted to post a photo of my injured knee as an explanation, but it's covered by a pack of frozen peas as I write this. I spent my tutorial (which I was rushing to) blinking back tears of pain and wincing. I hate hurting myself!

I'll be in one of the editing suites at 85 Fairlie Terrace, probably downstairs. If you go in and ask one of the techies, they can point you in the right direction but your best bet is to send me a message (027 486 6205) and I'll emerge and find you. And show you my knee! I'm booked in from 9-5 but hoping to get out a little earlier, it would be fantastic to have visitors! :)

Don't worry about it. You didn't seem particularly skittish, just busy. 3rd-level Murphy is, after all, a thoroughfare.

I will appear and we can show off our injuries. How did you bust up your knee? I have a wound the size of a ten-cent piece on my leg that I got from a hot water bottle burn two weeks ago. FINALLY starting to heal.

Yay injury comparison! I am ... strange. The peas have been replaced with a hot water bottle and my knee is improving.

I'm just waiting for the bruise to show up, and enjoying having a legitimate reason to put my feet up and watch cartoons. I'll see you tomorrow. :)

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