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SSar's Beast
Argh! Just as I sat down to type this, I realised who ELSE has a birthday today. Libby, Lillian Hsu, and LOUISE PHYN OF COURSE. Why is May 15th L-Day? This is something I will assuredly never know. Unless one of you good people sees fit to explain it to me: something about coral and iguanas?

There's essays and suchlike, but overall things are pretty good. So if any of you are feeling pretty down, tap me on the shoulder hard, okay? Chances are, if you're on this friends list, I owe you a hug, a letter, an email, story or poetry reviews, a walk in the park, a potato, or a meme.

Well, I think I only owe Lucy a potato.

Went kinda bat-shit at work on Saturday because of having no sleep. I won't bore you with the details, but one of my interviewees thought I was having a seizure. I also won't bore you with excuses: I hadn't gone on MSN the previous night and had actually gone to bed at a reasonable hour. I just didn't sleep well. And V Red keeps you alert... for a given value of 'alert'. But it was very very funny and Charlie still considers me a useful employee.

Saw MI:III, which was a lot better than its trailer and ZM's ad suggested. Thank goodness.

And yes, the third X-Men movie looks stupid. I'll be seeing it with friends, maybe I can sit next to someone who can Ping-Pong snarky comments.

*looks around hopefully*

Or, if not, I'll just imagine I'm sitting next to Mridula or someone...

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I shall now commencing clinging to this slim thread of hope.

*does so*

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