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Morale? Who's heard of morale?
SSar's Beast
Jesse only had to make it to one more week for me to be required to say "Five bosses in six months," if a new boss appeared. Just one more week. But NO.

I put my resignation letter on the boss desk on Monday morning. No Jesse. Irregular boss absence is fairly normal, they usually have a lot of stuff to do and might be taking care of vital chores at another branch.

Tuesday: No Jesse. But a random woman who appears and starts asking everyone who takes care of what.

Wednesday: No Jesse. Huh. Random woman (whose name is Javeda or something which sounds like that) is still there.

SSar to Maria: Is she our boss?
Maria: Yeah, that's right.
SSar: . . . . .
SSar: What happened to Jesse?
Maria: I have no fucking clue. Training or something.

Five bosses in five months. I couldn't make it to a full five months without a new temporary (But we have no idea how long she'll be there, or why she's there, or ANYTHING...) boss. NZ Post, you really hate us at Lambton Quay, don't you?

I have no particular grudge against Javeda.... Wait, I do. It's courteous and practical to wander up and loudly announce, "Luke, I am your management." But other than that, I'm sure she's just a busy person, probably competent, who has been pressed into service because Jesse isn't fully trained.

[Jesse: Yeah, you guys all need a lot of training.
SSar: No kidding. It was three months before we even did the armed robbery worksheet thing.
Jesse: Oh, I haven't done that yet.
SSar: . . . . . ....
Jesse: But I did get robbed...]

No offense, but I feel like reducing the amount of snail mail I write out of sheer pity for all the suffering people, miserable goons like myself, who will have to handle it in its passage across the country.

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Y'know, it occurs to me that you really shouldn't quit. See, at this rate, it'll only be another seven months before it's YOUR turn to be CEO of NZ Post. And once you're CEO, nobody can fire you no matter how half-assed the job you do, because you could make sure that all manner of accidents happen to the letter of dismissal. It's brilliant!

That's a brilliant plan! After all, Morbane's done the armed robbery training, so she's practically over qualified. And I'm pretty sure she'd let everyone know she was actually their boss, rather than just sitting in the desk and being nosy about everything.

Well speaking of snail mail...I got your letter. And thank you!
It was wonderful. I loved your first line. ("This is not th eletter I am sending you")

It's true even though it isn't.

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