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SSar's Beast
I worked for Reid Research all of last weekend, which, even so, included one sleep-in with Joel. Which makes it a GOOD weekend, even if working did prevent me from attending Helen's birthday picnic.

You'd think that standing in a supermarket lobby, full of stressed people in the grip of trolley rage, with baby wail surround sound, repeatedly moving so that someone could mop, would be irritating. You might also guess that moving up to people with bright smiles and saying, "Hi, I'm from Reid Research..." only to be rejected time after time, would be depressing.

It's strange, but even doing that for seven hours at a time leaves me with a positive feeling about humanity.

Partly it's that the job gives you such a desperate desire not to be disliked by the rest of humanity for being what you are: a market researcher who wants other people's time. So even the smallest courtesy from the people you are approaching - an ironic twist of the mouth as they shake their heads, a smile, or just waiting long enough for you to finish your spiel before telling you they haven't any time - is gratifying. And, when they smile and joke as they offer an excuse, although they haven't given what you really need, it sustains you. Or maybe just me. Or maybe anything's better after NZ Post.

I should stop saying NZ Post. I should say Lambton Quay. That's where I've been working, after all. I have no idea about the morale at any other branch, although I'm very curious.

About Lambton Quay: I talked with my boss about quitting on Friday. The talk was pleasant and productive, and I haven't seen him since, but my resignation letter is dated Monday. I can count down the days and that feels terrific.

Also. Recently, I discovered that one of my friends at University writes Pokémon fanfic. He mentioned a particular favourite author of his. Looking at that author's (still active) profile, I noticed that not only was one of my stories on her select favourites list, I was one of her select favourite authors. And I haven't written fanfic in years.

All right.

All right.


JOEL'S THE BEST, by the way. Just so you know. And you should know.

Joel's the best.
Joel's the best.
Joel's the BEST.

The only sour note today was played by Campus Care. Big surprise. If they had any sense of humour at all (debatable) they would write "Fun-spoiling" into their job descriptions. After all, that is often what they're called upon to do.

And sometimes, not called upon. Just prompted by their own lack of empathy.

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I think if you can find all those positives in your job, then you're definitely onto a good thing there.

Isn't it a constant surprise to realise how small the world really is?

Thank you.

Yes, Reid Research is always pleasing me. Just last weekend, my boss Charlie alerted me to a contract gimmick which allowed me to claim certain times spent on the bus or train as working hours. Suddenly I had three hours of pay I hadn't even imagined. Further, they're hinting that they're planning to raise my pay AGAIN.

Lambton Quay: Four bosses in four months.
Reid Research: Three pay rises in three months (potentially.)

The comparison...

I also noticed your return to fictionpress.com. I wanted to say that I'm very impressed. Firstly, that you're writing there. Secondly, the amount of commitment that implies. Fictionpress is a very demanding hobby in terms of reviews and returned reviews, and long hours spent reading in front of the screen. I hope it's as rewarding for you this time as it has been on previous occasions for me.

And I'm a very positive person, really. Because it's so easy to notice the little things in a day, the little good things.

People tend to forget this when I'm crying and snarling and whining. Or stressing. Or panicking.

Problem is, I think, that I spent most of last year in a semi-depressed, very self-pitying state, in amongst all the immense enjoyment I got from living at Mamari St. So people got used to a less happy me. I need to change that.


It really does sound like a great job. It's lovely that they're actually looking out for you and offering you more money. They're lucky to have you. :)

Ah yes - my infamous return to FP. I'm enjoying it at the moment. Luckily, I find I have a fair bit of time at work where I can sneak on and do some reading and reviewing. I met so many fantastic people through FP (I even discovered LJ through FP) that I thought a return couldn't be a bad thing. And the whole act of writing a story simply for fun, not for potential publication, is proving to be incredibly beneficial for me as a writer.

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