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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
Quote of Saturday:
Nic - "You remind me of me, the first time I seduced someone's dead husband for financial gain!"

Also the cat has been named: Monday Chocolate Truffle Trouble.
Truffle for short.

Do not hurt me for photos. Please.

Edit add:
Cat has been renamed Cole. As in the nursery rhyme. Bex and I have decided that for each name we decide on, the cat will wear it for a day, and then we will decide whether or not to change it. As of the end of today, we are not *quite* sure about Truffle. (Although it is a cool name.)

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Love the name Truffle!

And, oh yes, I'm going to hurt you for photos. ;)

The name suits well from what I have seen of her. :DD

And photos are a must, darling.

But without photos, how can we judge the rightness of the name?

I don't know about the mattering-of-my-opinion, but I really like the name Cole.

I'm a huge fan of giving animals ... I hope this isn't taken the wrong way... human or 'normal' names. However, this is coming from somebody who named her cat Miharo and her dog Samedi. Ha!

*big grin* As in Baron Samedi?

Ha!, but no. :) As in 'Saturday' in fransosisch.

We wanted to name her 'Friday', because that was the day we got her, but something went haywire in my Dad's brain and he got the days mixed up. The name stuck, which is quite fortunate because Samedi is a little easier to pronounce (and more feminine, perhaps?) than vendredi.

They tried to name our cat Wednesday. I howled.

In the last day, she went from Cole to Gust to Fray to Sylvia.

Poor cat! That's MPD waiting to happen. :)

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