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Now that THAT's over with...
SSar's Beast
Well, most of us managed to make it to Bex's party yesterday, which was well worth going to. Bex's family is conscientious. I scored a tangle of party streamers (for the Cat) and a measuring tape. Shall I now apply one to the other?

Also, halfway through the party, my boyfriend informed me that the deeply disturbed and disturbing widow in his most recent film script is going to be ME. This could be fun - my character fires a shotgun at Nick's character, I believe. However, she also throws herself on Tom's character. That was an unexpected thing to discover. I think I should have made a greater effort to distort my facial expression.

Sam and I did not get a cat yesterday. We arrived at the cat shelter very angry at the taxi driver who had taken us there: it was ten minutes before closing time. The cat shelter people were unimpressed. They said:
-Too late today.
-Bring Bex! We need all potential owners present. Cats as birthday presents, even if planning began three months ago, are suspect.
-Oh, is that the cat you want? We don't want to separate her from that cat over there. We're going to adopt them out together.

This was very frustrating. Less frustratingly, let me tell you about some of the cats at the shelter.

Aroha is our favourite. Sam's the one who's really fallen in love with her. Sam's gone to the cat shelter three times now; I've visited at least once every two days in the last two weeks. Aroha is a young black cat with a white stomach and silky fur. Her face is adorable and she is so affectionate that she starts purring when you go near her. This despite having been brought to the SPCA after she was rescued from some teenagers who were throwing cans and stones at her.

Merlin is the cat who has been paired with Aroha. He is almost identical in colour to her. Sam and I both like him, me more than Sam. He's an inquisitive, casual sort of cat, with a banner of a tail and a hard energetic body. Whenever Aroha likes someone, he likes that person too. He's quite playful, and doesn't always watch his claws, but is definitely not vicious, just neglectful.

As Bex and Sam pointed out, we would be very hard pressed to afford two cats. I believe I could foot the adoption fee for the second cat, but then there's the doubled cost of food and litter and such. And what if they both got sick or injured at once? None of us has inexhaustible funds. We're students.

Even so, it is very hard to let go of the idea of having Aroha.

Roger is another cat I really like. Something about him puts Sam off, which is fair enough, but even if we don't get him I may visit him from time to time. He is a soft-furred fierce-faced ginger cat. Quite thin, and friendly. Will climb across my lap to get his head rubbed. Deserves a name like Gulliver or Shenanigan or Moriarty, but much more fantastical.

None of the other cats have particularly grabbed us. We'll see tomorrow. Especially if the miracle of all-of-us-in-the-same-place-at-once occurs. Our powers combined, oh yes oh my... End sarcasm. This is a present I have expended a lot of emotion upon, and I really truly hope for success.

Otherwise, my parents are getting me a bed. A bunk bed... with a single mattress on top and a futon on the bottom. This is exactly what I want and I am quite excited. Hurrah for Trademe!

My mother's question at the bottom of the auction reads thusly:

"Do you have any idea what shipping would cost to Wellington? Also, it's difficult to tell from the pictures how sturdy the structure is; would two active adults feel comfortable on the futon bed?"

I present to you: my heritage.
My parents really do rock.

I know I'm being spoiled here, but I should add that I slept on foam mattresses until I was 16 and put my foot (my head?) down. First there was one foam mattress. Then when it got horrible and saggy there was another. Then when that one did the same, we put the one worn-out foam mattress on top of the other. I deserver this bunk bed I tell you.

*gets down off high horse and sends it off to the stables, and you on to the next LiveJournal entry you are to read.*

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I agree! i slept on your bed once and its harder than most floors.

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