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The Credible Journey
SSar's Beast
Excuse me while I float around in a small happy cloud for at least one more day.
On Saturday morning, I left my house at around 5:30am. (And was late to work and got myself bad karma by calling a taxi and leaving before it arrived. Bad Sar.)

Six bus trips, one train trip, and one plane trip later...

...I arrived home at Hataitai, at approximately 6:30pm, on Sunday.

I know this sounds absurd, but don't tell my parents I went home for a day.
I went home to spend a day with a wonderful friend who sounded like she could put up with me for a day.
It was a very rash and exciting decision and now that I have opened myself up to the possibilities of what I can do now that I'm earning money... well... better look out, because I don't know what I'll do next.
(Oh yes. Save.)
The Flatmates said, "Go for it," and "We understand completely."
The Joel said, "Actually, I completely understand," and proffered chocolate in-jokes.
The Friends said, "Give Pip a hug from me..." "and me..." "[etc...]"

And Sitara texted me!

I had a fantastic day and the independence thing is going slightly to my head. I am still on a buzz from exposure to Pip.

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You two in one place sounds too exciting to handle.
My heart is exploding thinking about it.

Thank you for your letter.

And hell, I'm going to txt you more often.

heya morbane how are you dear?

I'm fine, Chrissy. How are you?


I am Sitara.
I live here now.

Ahah! Thank you. Added.

P.S. Happy birthday.
*dies a thousand deaths*

Alas, I do not have my cellphone on me, or I would possibly have remembered earlier.

Aaah, the increasing usefulness of cellphones.

I'm horrible with dates! I almost failed history last year!! I'm REALLY SORRY!


Aw. *amused and endeared*

Oh, and sorry for commenting so many times...

Please stop apologising.

Unless I somehow find out you are responsible for the existence of birthdays in general. Then you die.

birthdays = crap crap crap crap.

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