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SSar's Beast
A terrible mood of yesterday caused by incompetence, cat deprivation, isolation from various friends, and quitting a University course has quite disintegrated, thanks to three wonderful entities:

1. The parents. I recollect for you the voice of my Dad, calling me up to say, in summary, "We got your email about quitting Writ 101. It sounds like you made the right decision. We weren't there, how could we know how stressful it was? And we think yours is the right idea as far as the course money is concerned. So, what else is up? How's it going?"

2. The flatmates. At the present, I cannot make available to you the full details of why they are wonderful, but for urgent scheming support, they're tops. Plus, Bex re-washed one of my sheets for me. Drattedweather.

3. The boyfriend. weaselfilms is brilliant. He treats me nice, yo. Can't quite tell you about his part in happy-making my life yet either, but I'm sure you can conjecture some of it. He is also good at scheming. (Well, were you expecting any less? Remember who we're talking about here.)

Reasonably interesting day today. My tutor gave me an extension on an American Literature essay for no real reason. Maybe he just liked the stationery I tacked to his door. I stayed at Uni until five, so as to attend a Media Studies lecture. Half of it involved music clips. I have to admire the rest of my class. They fill up a lecture theatre on Friday afternoon in order to listen to what might as well be a radio program.

Yesterday I went off to hug cats after Joel went to his lecture. The ginger cat I'd previously adored was still there, and so was an assertive black-and-white fluffmonster, and a beauty contest winner of a tabby kitten. It's going to be so hard to choose when we finally get a cat. At least two cats were adopted while I was there.

Paul Simon Says:

"What is the point of this story?
What information pertains?:
The thought that life could be better
Is woven, indelibly, into our hearts
And our brains..."

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And morbane is pretty neat too. Even if she refuses to let me bombard China just because you can't eat pie with chopsticks.

I think it would be fascinating to watch someone eat pie with chopsticks.

Do you taunt yourself with delightful cats at cat shelters too? We were absolutely smitten with a lovely boy kitten at the cat shelter near us. He was still there the next week and I don't know how we managed to walk out without him. Alas, we can only have two cats in our household, even if Bindi's cat doesn't really count, due to its stupidness.

You quit your writing subject? I'm surprised but like your parents, I'm sure you had a good reason.

I do, I do! In fact, sometimes I visit them just to get a cat-dose and improve my mood. I have warned my flatmates that once we get a cat, I will be a really different person. They don't believe me.

Out of curiousity, what class DO you place Bindi's cat into? Some sort of feline evolutionary relic?

Well, it was sort of a writing subject, and sort of more an essay subject. Anyway, I found the workshop too intense, the assignments too intense... everything, too intense.

Yay for happy-making boyfriends!

As for the rescue kitties- go for the one that responds to you most. My uncle chose his cat because it was the only one who looked right back at him when he came to see them.

Our two (my parents' kitties) we got because they were the last in two litters, and it was the last chance saloon before the Veterinary Mile, as it were. We came to see them, they were gorgeous, we got them. End of.

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