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While downloading notes...
SSar's Beast
It occurs to me that I don't remember thinking of my life as boring. Not recently, and possibly not ever, and although this could be bad I'll choose to say it's good.

By the way, I keep accidentally pressing a combination of keys that causes writing in a text window to align itself against the left, and, even more irritatingly, it makes the direction keys act like mirrors of themselves. This has been happening a lot recently, and not just in LJ. Can some kind person please tell me what combination I am pressing, and how to reverse the situation?

Writ 101 is intimidating. Engl 332 is weighty. Mdia 103 is arduous but elegant. Mdia 101 is user-friendly. Back to study.

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from my personal POV your life doesn't seem boring to me, nor you. Let me rephrase that: you are not boring, therefore your life couldn't possibly be boring. (goes to add: esp. if you're with Joel, your life should be pretty interesting by now :)

I like how you describe MDIA103 - I only ever took MDIA101, which was pretty elegant AND user-friendly, but also styley and rather fashionable. Now THAT'S an idea - I shall now describe all my courses with adjectives - who would have thought you'd set up a trend? :)

p.s. how come WRIT101 is intimidating?

Writ 101 is infailable trust me. Each thing geta checked three times. once by the tutor. You really have to try to fail in those conditions.

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