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Thirty Years On...
SSar's Beast
Just before our family's recent 3-day trip to the youth hostel at Opoutere, everyone ransacked Dad's collection of sci-fi for something to read during the holiday.

A small, typed, yellow slip of paper fell out of my Heinlein.


The ideal commuter bicycle is neither a 3-speed nor a 10-speed. You need more gears than a 3-speed (so you arrive invigorated, not sweaty), yet you need to be able to shift more quickly in traffic than possible with a 10-speed, and to shift at a stoplight, which a 10-speed set-up prevents.

If you plan to do much riding in traffic, consider a 6-speed bicycle, custom-built with the gears you want at a price competetive with that of a quality 3-speed. Or, have your own 3-speed converted at a very low cost. Call Cathy or Jim at 353-1214 for more information.

I handed this to my parents, with raised eyebrows. Dad laughed, and waved it at Mum.

"Which of us couldn't spell 'competitive'?"

They would have written that little advertisement thirty years ago, when still living in 'the house in Gainsborough', in Boston.

Also: Anyone feel like giving me some constructive criticism? I won't bite back - and you don't have to sign your actual name to it.

Or, another option: be complimentary, if you wish.

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hey I am here at work but I keep on thinking about this, so I'm just going to ask and hopefully you can answer me: when today (friday) I saw you at uni (the new group hangout spot) you said if I am already leaving after I just came...I was wondering what that meant: did it mean that I am not hanging out with you guys anymore or that I delete/undelete my LJ too often, or is it something else or I don't need to worry?

Sorry if this sounds like an interrogation, I'm just a bit worried that people think I'm doing something wrong or not being caring enough...I'm just full of uni work at the moment.

Sorry to alarm you, Polina! It was intended as an innocent comment, since you'd only just arrived and seemed to be going home or into town. I was just remarking on the fact that you'd only spent a couple of minutes with us.

I don't think you need to worry, except about us if we decide we haven't seen you in a month and need to call in the Missing Persons people. :) That would definitely put kinks in your plans for hermitry.

No worries, I know everyone's busy with back-to-Uni chores... and you have a job to balance, too!

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