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(no subject)
SSar's Beast

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1) How long have you known vileseagulls? Almost two years.
2) Does kurushi have a crush on triptoe? No, but if they met each other, it's not outside the realms of belief.
3) Does dark_talisman do drugs? No, but she does seem pretty trippy sometimes.
4) Does kurushi go to your school? I wish.
5) Does thatgirl_03 have a big secret? Nah.
6) Would grantusminimus go out with newplanet? No, although they do have a love of music in common.
7) Does binka4wing travel a lot? You could say that.
8) Would iceman_m be a better ninja or pirate? YARR!
9) Where would chibi_ultimecia most like to visit? Here! This place! Now!
10) What is the_fly_'s favorite color? Blue?
11) Does oltanya have a dog? No, she has Kyo.
12) What word best describes iceman_m? Perniciously well-meaning.
13) If missca commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Squirrels
14) Is iceman_m friends with avie_bavie_boo? I think they'd get along famously. But their chances of meeting are small.
15) What is missca's biggest flaw? I don't know enough about her.
16) What is worlds_child's shoe size? Unknown.
17) Has bl9_knt dyed their hair? Heh. No?
18) Do you have a crush on wih? You're asking two years too late.
19) What would grantusminimus give krastakin for his/her birthday? He'd dress up as a head on a table. :)
20) If the_fly_ was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? The giant oil consortium.
21) How many monkeys could starzend fight at once and win against? Five.
22) Do you have starzend's screenname? Certainly.
23) What is rosesneverred's favorite movie? I'm not sure, but I bet she'd like Cyrano de Bergerac.
24) What comic book character would wih be? The Phantom.
25) What color should dark_talisman dye their hair? Hehe! Try green next.
26) Would you ever date noviota? At another time I would have thought about it, but that's a definite no.
27) Is weaselfilms in a relationship? Calloo! Callay! She chortles...
28) What languages does blairette speak? German, English, French, Latin, Greek
29) Are blairette and weaselfilms going steady? That thought crossed my mind too. No. I think they're just a little *too* crazy in their special ways.
30) What flavor of jello would starzend be? The green one.
31) If oltanya and fun_one were siamese twins, where would they be joined? At the knee.
32) If vileseagulls had a superpower, what would it be? The anime thing whereby a girl may hide large destructive objects about her person.
33) What would vileseagulls think of starshone_storm? Well, if they could get to discussing slash fiction...
34) Did newplanet break up with you? That presupposes a lot, doesn't it? No.
35) Have you flirted with bl9_knt? Nah, I don't think so.
36) What would you do if you found out grantusminimus has a crush on you? Laugh hysterically and dunk his head in a bucket of water.
37) One quality you find attractive in cinicolives? She's deep, man.
38) Where did you first meet bl9_knt? At the Sci Fi Club!
39) How would cantrix kill solemnmachine? Sewing his lips and nose together so tightly he couldn't breathe.
40) What video game does weaselfilms remind you of? Video game, not so much. Obviously either monkeys or aliens must feature.
41) Is weaselfilms a high school student? O no.
42) What planet should socksrocker be from? You can come from Mercury
43) Is triptoe related to iceman_m? Not unless through that Sri Lankan grandmother...
44) Thoughts on cantrix? Will I see her around next year?
45) If iceman_m and dawf were spliced together, what would it be like? Their artistic passions would either make or break the world.
46) Where was yirry born? On a street when I saw her coming.
47) newplanet's eye color? Brown. Very nice.
48) Does oltanya smoke? Only out of her ears, when she's riled up.
49) Does wih know iceman_m? In most ways. Not biblically.
50) If triptoe were hanging off a cliff, what would kurushi do? Alert me so I could fly to the rescue using any and all means necessary.

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Q29: Too crazy to date, or too crazy to do so steadily?

Wouldn't you know better than I would?

Okay, you've known me for nigh on two years, in a mild plethora of configurations; now factoring all that in, what makes you think I have *any* understanding of human relationships, *particularly* my own?

(Question with a question, uh huh.)

Well, to answer the non-rhetorical question, there are parts of both you that just intuitively seem to mesh really, really well. But outwardly you disagree on too many levels, so I'm not sure you'd ever get close enough to a) discover that properly for yourselves or b) enjoy it.

A superficial analysis.

HAHAHAAH! Grant as a head on the table! YES!

and thanks - I'm a little on the hazel side when the sun is out :)

and what KIND of music? Grant likes Blink182 as well? :)

I meant, more, you both have a strong musical background (parents, early music learning) which still affects the way you enjoy music.

Most glad you approve, o Queen.

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