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Official Beneficial Announcement
SSar's Beast
This is just to say that in the case that you rightfully expected a gift from me and I have not yet brought it forth, then you will get it on January 6th, whether or not I already have in my possession/wrapped. I have three excellent reasons for this, called Kaspar, Balthasar, and Melchior. Just so you know. ^!^ In fact, I think I will make this an ongoing tradition.

PS: This is a weird but sensitive song.

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Ah, the three kings. I was intended to play Melchior in a operetta when I was eleven, but they moved me to the lead role when the other guy's voice broke.

Heh, cool! Do you still sing for fun or in a choir at all?

I still sing to amuse myself/pass the time, though never with anyone else around.

Aww. *contraweatherhug*

And y'all can find that wacky song and much, much more besides on www.jonathancoulton.com

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