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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
I'm afraid I really don't see this journal as useful for the same purposes it once was. I keep it mainly as a way to keep tabs on what's happening in my friends' lives, not my own. But occasionally I have either important or useful things to say.


1. I am going out with Joel. Wish me luck, congratulate me, or scheme to envelope me in some operatic intrigue... That's important, wouldn't you say? ^!^

2. A group sighting of King Kong is being organised, mainly by Nicki, on Tuesday 20th December, to encompass Joel's and Nicki's birthdays. We will meet at Courtenay Central at around noon, buy tickets, have a picnic lunch, and return to the mall to watch the movie. This is a case of the more the merrier. Please respond if you're interested. That would be useful. ^!^

3. Those of you who don't know already - Layne is leaving, also on the 20th of December.

Also, I have quotes:

-"That's why you don't use an acid-based lube,"
-"Maybe the burritos should have been in the shoes section."

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Where is Layne going?

And I'd join in the Kong-a-thon if I was in Wellington!

Go You!!! you and him should have been doing this ages ago

Ssar, luck for this 'Joel' relationship, and 'hee!' about your quotes. I hope you're enjoying the Layne/Anna interaction. Otherwise, apologies for the excessive commenting. :)

I'm quite entertained.

I just wonder if I dare mention the link I just found: origami instructions for paper french fries. (....)


Oh my holy [expletive],
In like 5hrs, you've got just under 20 comments.
Ms Popular! :P

And because I have no idea who Joel is, I'll just go giggle like a little school girl... -giggle-

Have some imaginary glitter!
<3 [<--- because I felt like it. :P]

That Joel fellow would be me.

And the curious thing is the way we have succeeded in going out with a minimum of actually going out.

morbane dearest, may i have ur current address so that i may post you a card?

If it's okay for me to email it to the address you use for MSN.

1. Well, the question is "where are you going out to?" It always baffles me slightly when people say: "so wanna go out with me"...what are you supposed to say? I say: "go out where?" But that's all great. :)

2. and I might be able to come to the King Kong, not because I particularly like any of Peter Jackson's movies but because I like my friends.

3. Layne: as on my LJ, I'm meeting him tonight, 6pm, outside Time Zone to hang out somewhere, probably Expresso Holic (nice place to sit and chat and all). So come one, come all.


Good luck and congratulations! (As much as I would like to scheme to envelope you in operatic intrigue, I am not feeling particularly operaish today. I blame Britney Spears and too much Solitaire.)

Gah! One Gah for you having been entangled in Spears things, and one Gah because someone showed me how to play Spider Solitaire and I haven't been able to STOP.

Thank you. :)

I think it gets like that sometimes. From September to November, I was mainly using LJ to read, rather than write. But we know you're there, good Morbane. :)

I am going out with Joel. Wish me luck, congratulate me, or scheme to envelope me in some operatic intrigue...

Ooh, I'm going for the operatic intrigue!

Yay for you and Joel, I too have been waiting for this. ;p I get to tease you now right?

Of course. Er - why have you been holding back? On the teasing, I mean.

1) Aha! So that's who his post earlier was referring to.

I already knew earlier, to be honest; Felicity told me. Actually, this had in a way been in some corner of my mind since you and Joel had been hugging each other so enthusiastically at scifi.

2) Hey, sounds like fun. Count me in.

2a) "That's why you don't use an acid-based lube"... I must ask, where in the hell did you hear that? Please don't tell me you found this little factoid out the hard way...

1) Heh. Yes. I know. I've been grateful for a very long time that my circle of friends doesn't necessarily say what it collectively knows.

2) Excellent!

3) Oh, no. Dear gods, no. Eh, it was a quote of the Joel. I am not quite sure how it came up in conversation. Maybe he can remind us.

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