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Je me semble que...
SSar's Beast
I am trying to update more often, but it seems that next update must needs be an improvement; it will not only have to fill the "often" requirement but also the one of "content" which is hardly present here.

This is a weird week. I have the feeling that ginger wine has a higher content of alcohol than is printed on the bottle. Or it's just me. This would be a good place to level off because this is the first week of which I have spent three nights drinking socially and I don't like it. Not because of what I do while tipsy [tipsy NOT drunk, I'll have you know] - I haven't embarrassed myself exceedingly yet - nor because of the cost - although that's becoming a concern based on obligations - but it just seems wrong. I would rather present myself as the sort of person who might have a glass to be social but would remain in full control of her faculties. As a general rule. Okay, that was an embarrassing rant. (Which just helps my argument that sobriety offers so, so many opportunities to make a fool of oneself already.)

...However, today (in NZ time) is Linnea's birthday so I suppose it can't be all that weird a week. And it began with Jenocide's birthday too.

Monday also felt like the kind of day to buy a Christmas tree on. I am ashamed of myself for embracing the encroachment of Christmas upon November, where it has no business being. Go away, Christmas. Please don't let it be the end of November already.

Now I'll go down to the city, get a cheap but filling lunch of some description, and go home to hang out with G/P/A/C/S/J?/?...

...want job...

Oh, and Mum was here yesterday. She got to meet a large proportion of the Friday night group. We mostly chatted about Harry Potter. That was good. In Helen's words: "She's very SSar-ish." My friends seemed to like her. She liked them too. As we were walking away, Mum commented on one impression she'd received of one person, and I was impressed because it perfectly summed up something I felt about that person but didn't quite have words for. Go Cathy.

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*hugs* I love you morbane. Oh, and I have come out, I am bi.

*smiles* Congratulations dear. Revel in the greater range of choice available. :D

If you can't find content, you should write a short fictional story. See how much you can fit into a few hundred words, like a writing exercise/challenge.

hmm. you want a job and i want a new job..

if your going to be in town tuesday how about we meet up and go hunting together?

Let's! I got the paper today and saw several jobs I want to try for, so I will have much to do over the next week. It would be good to have companionship in roaming the city.

..well I have two jobs. You could have the Coles one. It’s a requirement to smile there.
If you not happy at least you’d get real good at pretending!
Meh *hugs*

I'm reasonably good at smiling on requirement. Even worse, when put in the sorts of situations where you are required to act happy quite often, I often get kidded along and start smiling and grinning and being chipper without really knowing why (although it will seem to have started as a general earnest desire to make things shiny.) ...(Or is that worse?)

Sadly (..?) there is no Coles in Wellington.

I was going to say that "job experience in pretending to be happy" would be amusing to put on one's CV, then immediately realised that there are already a dozen conventional ways to phrase that, or at least indirectly.

*hugs back*

its easy to sum up most of our friends! Weirdos, geeks, and nutjobs. With the occastional nerd. I neatly fit into at least three of these catagories.

hey, I met up with Carol today - she said you guys are having some pre-Christmas/Christmas party at your house.
Well if you do, don't mind inviting me! I like to make decorations and we don't celebrate X-mas in my family.


It might be at Bex's house, and if it occurs it will probably be on the 16th. Sure, Polina, we'd love for you to come. :) We just don't have it very well organised yet.

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