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Who else is gonna bring you a broken arrow?
SSar's Beast
There's a cute little heraldic device called a pheon, which I like, because it's a stylised arrow (and, of course, looks nothing like an arrow). I can't draw it, therefore, 'broken arrow'. Despite this, I have a second reason for liking it, which is that its name (why that name?) resembles "phoenix". Very good. Very connected.

I'm going to get the hang of the HTML customisation, I really am.

Today's other interesting thing: my reading list. What'ja think?

Sophie's World, by Jostein Gaardner
The Far Pavilions, by M. M. Kaye
Herbs, Salads and Tomatoes, by W. E. Shewell-Cooper
Lord of Light, by Roger Zelazny
The Word for World is Forest, by Ursula K. LeGuin
The Wind's Twelve Quarters, by Ursula K. LeGuin
Fiesta (also published as The Sun Also Rises), by Ernest Hemingway
Voorloper, by Andre Norton
Lions, harts, leaping does and other stories by J. F. Powers
The Solitaire Mystery by Jostein Gaardner
100 NZ short short stories edited by Graeme Lay
Daylight Burning by Lisa Greenwood
The Collected Short Stories of Saki, by H. H. Munro
The Postman, by David Brin
Death and Dying: Challenge and Change, edited by Robert Fulton, Eric Markusen, Greg Owen, and Jane L. Scheiber
A Christmas Book, by Elizabeth Goudge
The Book of Lights, by Chaim Potok

I feel very pseudo-academic. If that's even a term. Half of the books up there are for to make one Morbane a Well-Rounded Young Lady. Ah but who cares.

Yesterday I had:
-Severe loss of money due to provisions and extortionate ferry prices ($40.00 is BIG in my world!!)
-A wonderful ferry ride full of the quality of grace and the feeling that something magical was about to happen/ was in some sense already happening
-A picnic with scary lady and Artist Way group who are nice except for scary lady who has nice qualities also, really
-Lots of innuendo by Artist Way group, few of whom are less than twice my age, upon which half would say "Oh, sorry, [Morbane], cover your ears!" (They're so adorable).
-A bus ride, cut short by Morbane getting off at the wrong stop
-A long walk/jog/RUNRUNRUN I'M GOING TO MISS THE FERRY! to Matiatia Wharf
-A peaceful ferry ride back to Auckland City
-Very knotty hair
-One more party to go to
-Bleh. Party. I spoke fewer words than are in this list and looked very attentive
-Tossing and turning
-Lack of sleep caused by cat who is looking to start up a All-Night-Kitty-Feeding-And-Petting enterprise, with me as chief of staff
-Vivid dreams.