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Hallowe'en Party the 2nd
SSar's Beast
Best Quote: "Nothing says 'party' like putting twenty people into a small dark room and telling them to sit put and shut up." -Joel

Most Amusing Moment: I had just lit the type of firework that one throws on the ground, when a very excited Polina appeared at my elbow, waving a very large firework, and saying, "I can hold this one in my hand, can't I?" I was so busy overreacting to Polina's scenario of immanent disaster that it took me a while to notice the five-or-so people screaming, "SSar! DROP THE LIGHTED FIREWORK!"

Worst Moment: Having managed to get the garage door stuck for the first time I have been living in Kilbirnie, I was convinced that I had accidentally locked it. We had no key, there were important props inside, and worst of all, I thought the neighbours' new kitten was in there. Luckily, it was stuck, not locked, and the kitten was out front stalking the fig tree, as usual.

The Runthrough:
-Coming to our gate, people were made to wait in a sectioned-off area of our driveway. This was, sadly, at times boring and at times perilous. The peril was caused when we threw smokebombs. ^^;
-Krastakin, the birthday girl, led people through in groups of about four. First, they walked into our back yard, where D sat on our steps rolling dice and talking with Avie, who was tied to the centre of our clothesline. We had bamboo torches, and mannequins and ghosts tied to our clothesline's corners. After Avie whined about getting a muffin, D dragged her off to the garage, pulled her behind a curtain, and proceeded to 'kill' her, splashing the curtains with fake blood.
-Then she drew back the curtains and showed our guests three Question Boxes. "Guess what I'm having for dinner?" (pieces of Avie, clearly.) Each had a gross thing in it, and the people had to put their hands in and guess what was there. Although there was a prize attached, no one actually got it - I think -; two boxes each had half a pig's head in them, and the other box had a bowl of canned strawberries.
-Meanwhile, from the kitchen, a lot of bitching and other invective was coming. Fezz used his lung capacity well.
-Now the guests were led around the far side of our house, through the narrow path between the house and the fence. The fence had been hung with wildly spraypainted dark sheets, and we had arranged two double black lights to shine down on it, creating as psychedelic an effect as we were able. More smoke bombs added to the atmosphere.
-When the guests emerged from this corridor, in front and to the right was a 'graveyard' with eight tombstones and with C, covered in dirt, ready to grab at people's ankles. Also a smoke machine.
-The guests came into the house via the front door, which opened on the sun room, which had me, the doom-obsessed tarot reader, as well as our favourite electronic Hallowe'en toy and a bowl of candy with craft knife blades in it.
-They were led into the Dark Hallway. As they proceeded up it, B in reaper costume slipped up behind them and threatened them with her scythe. There was also a red laser pointer for use here, as the hallway ended in a convenient mirror.
-From the door to the right of the hall's end, David beckoned them into his 'sanctuary' - the common room, festooned with captive and tortured teddies. We must have had forty soft toys, if not far more. David, prettified with fairy wings, bows, and bells, was the Scary Kid who wanted everyone to play with him.
-Obviously he didn't have enough toys! Thus we then visited the Laboratory, where Philippa had ooblick, vinegar/baking soda, and other good things. Also, she had our pet rat, whom everyone immediately fussed over. Philippa, who was demonstrably experimenting on teddy bears, promised to rectify this. Philippa played her part very nicely, and probably had the best set-up, since our laboratory equipment was courtesy of Victoria University's Department of Psychology.
-By this time, Fezz's yelling was too loud to ignore. Thus, everyone trooped through to the kitchen, where Fezz was a Head in a Box, stirring the soup with a spoon held in his teeth. [24 hours later: 'Grah! I still have splinters in my teeth.'] Sam was justifiably proud of this soup. It was a gumbo full of squid bits and baby octopi, and so looked like a wonderful witch's brew. Not many people were brave enough to try it, but it actually was good.
-Now we took everyone back through the common room and the hall and made them be quiet in my room (although they were allowed to throw smoke bombs through my window) while the next group was taken through.

Things Worthy of Mention:
-The gravestones were great. We chose eight of our guests or helpers and gave them monuments with amusing captions. For some reason, everyone ended up dancing on G's grave.
-C was really a most obliging trump card. We couldn't have done it without a zombie.
-B was probably our most put-upon person. Sorry about the makeup but you will probably never know how very cool that black beret and dress looked. AND you got to wave our scythe around. PS: Last time I saw the scythe, it had David's fairy wings tied to it.
-I still have a quirkily funny memory of people sitting on the floor next to the bowl of candy in the sun room, picking the razor-sharp blades out of it.
-The original plan was for Avie to actually be suspended from a corner of the washing line, but, although she made a beautiful harness for it, it didn't quite work. Thus the Plan B.
-David was probably scariest. But that was because he's David. *hugs*

-First picture is me. Sorry, I'm glaring.
-The mad scientist is Philippa, not Alex (who was shot by the Pun Police) Isn't her set-up great?
-You can just barely see Alex's gravestone in the background of Bex's photo
-You can't tell, but our common room, which is the one with all the soft toys, had its floor strewn with glitter, lollies, and dissected teddy bears
-The person standing behind the first picture of Noviota is Dani, who was AWESOME as the Captor and Killer of Avie (you can see her red dice at the top of the next photo)
-YAY! The photo of Fezz as Kitchen Bitch is perfect. The little kids who came through before the party started loved him too.

Quite apart from the time everyone spent being bored in our driveway, and being bored in the cramped space offered by my room, there were a couple of times when the party looked like falling completely flat, partly because the main organisers of it were so exhausted from having got the Haunted bits ready, we almost just weren't in the mood any more. A few things really helped 'save' the party, in that sense:
-the tarot readings, later on (a good way to occupy people)
-the marshmallow toastings (all those candle flames turned out good for something!)
-the fireworks (despite a few uncertain moments!)
-the vodka jellies (strong enough to get drunk off, numerous enough for everyone to have some)
-Zen being a ninja (and training ninjas in his teddybear-squeaky ways)

We owe a lot to a lot of people for making it all work. Particularly to our helpers, who spray-painted, pinned, sewed, drew, made mannequins, made gravestones, hung teddybears, painted glittery shapes, put hooks in things, acted, and were wonderfully cheerful and gorgeous. And we loved everyone who came and added to the mood. There were some fantastic costumes too!

An excellent Hallowe'en. And, lest we forget, a suitably salutatory birthday party. *hugs Sam*

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*brings out Helen's pistol*


heh that sounds like a cool as party!!

*grins* So what happened to you? You were invited.

Excellent. SSar, send her a festively giftwrapped monkey. It's positively reinforcement time.

An admirable suggestion, my Lord President. It's about time I sent EveningStar a letter.

:O So you're saying that I have pigs heads attached to me somewhere?!?!!

And strawberries?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

Wahhh!~~~~~~~~~~~ :P

Well, if you did, they are most certainly not attached to you now. I think that's all that needs to be said. But if you could arrange to grow strawberries on your person, it might be lucrative and charming.

I'm........... Gonna look at the screen funny for a while now.

:O Now I want strawberries x_o

Only because they taste good! Not because I want "something"-flavoured strawberries. LOL *giggle*

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