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"what happened today"
SSar's Beast
Odd to make an entry in this journal. It implies that something happened today that's worth writing about. Well, today, as usual, involved small incidents and quotations. I sent off a letter with a P.S. written on the outside of it, excited and ditzy.

The event merited a PS on a letter because it was a great example of the universe accomodating oneself. If you want things, and feed hope and ingenuity and energy into those things, even in small amounts, they happen. I met someone nice, and had a couple of amusing surface-level conversations with him, and hoped that he could become a friend. And then, twice, very unexpectedly, I bumped into him on the street. That is something to smile about, because, firstly, it is good, and secondly, because it could be construed as "evidence" for this happy little way of seeing the world.

Laughter in the other rooms.

Edit Add:

Philippa K was here earlier today, and one of the first things she did was to show me her Armaggeddon photos.

Naturally, they were interesting, and amusing.

Then one shot, at the DeviantArt booth, had in its corner an Asian girl, turning away from the camera. Hard to be sure of the identity of someone I haven't seen in a year, but it looked like someone I knew. Jen-c?

The next shot, however, starring a sassy blonde chick in a moogle hat, was not in the least ambiguous. It was Jenocide! Jenocide and Jen-c, or, as they were known, the Jenny twins. My friends! And Philippa had just happened to stop at their booth and chat to them. This small world is a perfect fit. I'm so happy - I have an excuse to call her up and chat to her. Find out how the girl who's been my friend since I was seven years old is doing.


It prompts me to this action: getting off the computer, getting out my notepaper and writing a letter to a random friend in Auckland whom I haven't contacted in a long time. Let me see. I'll write to Xin, and I'll finish that letter to Sitara. Love requires a demonstration.


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