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Material for Tui ads
SSar's Beast
"I'm going to connect up my computer."
"We're going to get broadband."
"I'm going to write that Sci Fi article for Salient."
"I'm going to write a letter to X, Y, Z, Aa, Ba, Ca, Da, Ea, Fa, Ga, Ha, Ia, Ja, Ka, La, Ma, Na, Oa, Pa, Qa, Ra, Sa, Ta, Ua, Va, Wa, Xa, Ya, Za, Ab, Bb, Cb, Db..." and I have an actual list of over 50 people to write to...
"I'm going to get a job."
"My hands and skin are going to heal very soon."
"There is no need to go on about my hands."
"There is still time to catch the bus."
"I am not going to let another person's birthday go by without acknowledgment this year."
"I think my normal social behaviour is OK and improving."
"I constantly ensure that all my friends know how much I value them both as my friends and as individuals, and contribute regularly to their happiness and personal development."
"I am a perfectly mature person with a balanced and positive outlook."
"I have not utterly abandoned all writing projects."

Compared to:

"Banana curry is interesting and fun."
"This semester's going rather fast, isn't it?"
"I have Go stones constantly progressing behind my eyes."
"I feel sorry for myself. Do I have to apologise to someone else now?"
"I am NOT going to buy any more bananas."

It's the wrong time of week to be on LJ (an hour before a class with a test) but I feel I should post a token update to maintain contact with people I do (honestly!) care about.

So there's pole dancing, and human paper maché, and grapefruit, and lightning strikes, and dreams, and quiet eyes.

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hahaha! So you are comparing your hectic life to others? Well you know, some people take Go and banana curry quite seriously.

and since when did you do pole dancing? I'll ask you to demonstrate next time. ;)

*laughs* Well, that puts me in my place.

If you like, I shall demonstrate that upon occasion when I am meant to be doing dishes and there is a song stuck in my head, I will instead prance around making silly steps and prances that go along with that song, and I will absent-mindedly pull one of Fezz's quarter-staffs towards me, and swing it from hand to hand as I prance, causing Sam, who is likely to be entering the room (as this completes the anecdote), to say, "Well, we've all heard of pole dancing, but this is just ridiculous..."

hahahahah! I can sooooo picture Sam saying that along with one of those scorpio looks she gives. :)

gotta come around to your flat sometime! No I WILL come to your flat - invite myself over with cakes and green chinese tea. ohhhh yeeeaaaahhhh!

One of those scorpio looks - there you go, you've got it, right there.

Yes! But if you do invite yourself over, warn us so that we can hang a balloon out or something. And I think it would be GREAT if you and Sam practised playing together.

When are you free?

(Deleted comment)
I have grapefruits too.

What a complex and back-tracking dream. I dreamed that one of my friends was crying, depressed, despairing, and that I was sitting with her in a gymnasium, trying to sort things out. I also dreamed about treasure hunts and sewing one of my shirts to another shirt. Lots of my dreams have been amusing. Why did the man yell 'I love you!'?

I am going to write a comment for Morbane!

I'm sorry I didn't have much time to chat with you the other night, but it was good to know you're alive and well. :)

Morbane! It's lovely to hear (er, read) from you. *pokes* I'm terrble with comments (really) but I figured I should leave one. Because, after all, it's Morbane. :)

"I am a perfectly mature person with a balanced and positive outlook."

Me [having just jumped in a puddle]: "I'm not childish!"

well hello stranger, where has my morbane been as of late?

As promised... Sorry for the email format and length. Address is 157 Upland

My party is on the 13th of August... Saturday next weekend. We're
going to go paintballing out in the Hutt, the company is Tag Paint
Ball and their website is www.tagpaintball.co.nz. At the moment it
looks like we'll play for about an hour. The transport is probably
going to be by train so will be about $6 (depending on the whole peak
rate thing.. grr) and then for forty balls and an hour's play it
costs $10. On the website it's got all the information you should
need but if you could email me back, or text me to confirm whether or
not you are coming that would be great. Feel free to bring along a
mate or your significant other. Agh this email is so lame. To
restructure it so it sounds a bit more like me and less like a

Paintball will be $10. We'll go the afternoon of the 13th and aim to
be back at our place at about 5 ish to have some food and then get
drunk. Bring a friend. Bring your boyfriend. Bring your girlfriend.
Bring someone homeless so long as they won't steal from us or throw
up inside. BBQ loosely translated mean sausages and bread and maybe
chips (vegie options avaliable of course) and beer could mean
anything at the moment :) Please come... I'm turning 21 and I'm
supposed to be drunk, disorderly and debaucherous with my friends so
I'd love it if you (and your polite homeless person) could just show
up and make my birthday memorable.

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