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I seem to have woken up.
SSar's Beast
Hello! How are you all? I love you! Good, got that written down. Now.

I'm on a computer in the library again (familiar...) but this time I'm only writing emails. Soon, I won't have to do this any more, because my computer is in my new room (in many, many parts) and I will be able to link it to Fezz's computer and so have internet. Of course, then we need a broadband connection, because having three computers on a dial-up connection while Fezz downloads our anime is going to be painful.

It's why I need a job.

But I'm going about this all haphazardly.

Yes, yesterday I moved. I got home late Saturday night, did a lot of packing, and frazzled my landlady. I was just about to leave in the truck with the mover people when the phone rang. She got up, discovered my room messy and almost empty, and put off her friend (who was telling her about his worries about his daughter) to say, "Just a moment! My flatmate's leaving - as in, walking out of the house and not coming back, ever - just let me speak with her for a moment..." I told her I was coming back later that day. And left.

At Kilbirnie, we noticed that my crazy diamond pink rose-patterned mattress very nearly matches my crazy diamond pink rose-patterned wallpaper. It was meant to be.

So, after a trip or so more, my Holloway Road room is clean and empty, and my Mamarian room is FULL. I have no idea how my stuff could EXPAND into a room twice the size, such that there seemed no room for anything and my mattress was standing up against a wall. My pot-plant is in the window. It went for a walk in a handbag, earlier, but that's another story to be told another time.

Another story, to be told now, is SSar's Great Vegetable Escapade. I am slightly proud of this. It was last Sunday, and I went to the Willis St Vege Market. Things are cheap, so I ended up with cauliflower, rock melons, green beans, yams, spring onions, grapes, capsicums, carrots, and tomatoes. I was thinking of myself as a little Bunny cartoon, [www.frozenreality.co.uk/comic/bunny] which would have been captioned by, "SSar thought it would be a bit much to buy brussel sprouts on the flat account..." I was very pleased with myself. Later I also got broccoli.

The only major thing we have done with all these vegetables (and Fezz asked for the cauliflower, tomatoes, and broccoli, so I am waiting with bated breath) is to make vege fritters for the Shakespeare study group that we had the night of our exam. It was lots of fun, with Ami moaning about how un-prepared she felt, and producing reams and reams of printed-out study guides and notes. Sam and I got quieter. I redeemed myself, however, by innocently choosing a passage for us to go over that turned out to be in the exam. (I have luck with this). In the exam itself, we had a fire alarm. The rumour has it that burnt popcorn on the eighth floor of Von Zedlitz set it off - which would be amusing, because the eighth floor is where all the English Studies offices are.

Also, Fezz's boyfriend Craig met Bex last night. The full impact of her well-prepared Boyfriend Approval Test ('brought to you by the LOAT, Likelihood Of Assasination Test') was lost on him thanks to the fact that she didn't have the original imposing notebook (just a clip-board) and never got the chance to properly spring it on him. Nor did he bring her chocolate (worth 30% of the test) but we did, so maybe that's OK?

I am about to go to Auckland. I will update for you all again soon.

& I got to talk to Pip last night - fantastic. Lots of phone-juggling and burnt toast.

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(Deleted comment)
*grins* Yes! Ring and talk to Michael for noapparentreason.

hey, is it right? you moved in with Grant?

Yes, I'm in Glen's old room.

I think you can stop moving for a little while now and just stay put. Of course, this may result in further accumulation of stuff without your noticing it, but maybe that's the price you have to pay for a co-ordinating mattress and wallpaper and regular access to oh-so-lovely broadband internet.

What I mean is - it's lovely to read an update on your life. :)

Wow. This has to be the first entry I've read by you in... a month. You make yourself more wantable by not posting too much...

... I sound stupid. Don't blame me. I woke up 2 minutes ago. *yawns*

I know. It's like an alluring chase.

An alluring chase which I'm wayyy too slow at.

*hugs you both* I am always glad to see your entries too...

*hugs you back* That's my first Morbane-given hug. *gets all warm and happy-ish*

*grins and gives you a cup of tea to go along with it*

Oh, yay, chai... I like chai. And it's morning time, too. : )

True that. I get excited when I see you've posted something. And I don't always comment, but I do always read. *waves*

Thank you, excellent Jeshizle of the mental-image-including-fireworks.

*waves back*

what is your street adress?
email me

Aww, I hope you read this at some stage...

Are you taking Modern Poetry? Cuz I'm taking my dream course, Auteur Film, and I have to either drop Modern Poetry (cuz Ricketts doesn't 'do' Blackboard) or bludge notes off a friend.

Are you that friend? I'll give you chai! *blinks, cutely*

I'm sorry - I wish I WERE taking Modern Poetry, but it clashes. But what do you mean - are you trying to take it without going to lectures? how interesting... good luck. *look of eep-ness*

Wagh! Muahaha I foundededered j00... add me! Or I'll eat your squeegilispooch! And other stuff! Rarr! *bounce*

lol... T_________T


I miss reading your writing. I miss reading ANY writing. I miss writing period.

*combusts from all of the melodrama*

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