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Hello, can I have a Darwin Award?
SSar's Beast
I feel like a really useless human being. I think I'm going to fail English 234 for the simple reason that I didn't know the University library could hold books for me on a shelf overnight. Now they're lost to me for the rest of the day "Oh, call back around 2pm," and this day is the day I need them badly. I have my 234 exam today, but why even bother going if I've failed the course? And what's really ironic is that my mother's in town today. I'll have to go meet her and tell her, hello, nice day for you to show up, I've just failed an English course.

That librarian who took my books! Curse her helpful friendliness as I desperately searched for a way to persuade her to let me put them away so I could hide them on a shelf on the seventh floor! Curse her for not TELLING me that I could JUST HOLD THEM OVERNIGHT! Curse my student ignorance for not fucking knowing that.

Right. Calm down. Go do some more research and find some OTHER books, never mind that it took you four hours yesterday to find THESE ones. Aihatmms, aihatmms, aihattms, all I hate and all that makes me sad. Pox upon you, library.

oh yeah, sorry about the whinging.

Well, I ran into Jarrod while I was all sniffly, and he helped me get a bit of perspective, then I worked sincerely and turned in a near-decent essay and a joke of an assignment, and my tutor's return email commended me on my wisdom on at least trying to submit SOMETHING and said I'd been nice to have in her tutorial. And the exam went well enough; I had a lot to say on my two short-story essays. So I will probably NOT fail. Now for Shakespeare (I have high hopes) and then Math (more dubious.)

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Whinge as much as you like. It's good to get frustration out in the open. And you may have saved someone else from a similar situation in the future, with this helpful imparting of information.

Although that's probably not much consolation right now...

hey do you want to blow up the uni library with me? I had the same problem for half of my courses where I had problems with getting books out...like for ENG237 where I needed a book over Christmas but the librarian did NOTHING. grrr.

what book is it? I might have it? or ask others like Zara, Sam who did english 200-level courses last year.

Talk to lecturer anyway - can always try and get extension of some sort. wouldn't hurt to ask.

go to exam! you never know.

Thank you. But these are periodicals from between 1960~1995. If only. And I'd like to blow up the library, but Level 0, where they keep all the pre-1970 periodicals, has such a heady smell of old books that I think I'll have to go there every week to refresh my senses with it now.

Yep, I'll go to the exam. I'm not giving up quite yet.

Listen to this Galaxymade person; they make sound sense. Your text made me laugh this morning. I'm sorry I didn't reply, but as usual I'm poor. I'm thinking of you for that exam, young SSar. Take all the luck you need from me.

Awww Morbane....

Can you plead library misknowledge? Maybe the tutor will understand??

*hugs* Eep, and I just realized I haven't given your book back - do you pass this way at all anymore? Txt/email me to sort out how you want to get it back.

Of course! Sure. I don't know about tonight, because I'm suddenly in high spirits and deciding I'll go see off my mother at the airport tonight. But I will txt/email as suggested.

Darn tootin' you have high hopes for Shakespeare. Why else did I send you Billy?

I know you can do it.


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