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SSar's Beast
I feel a little silly. I just tried to walk out of an Emergency Exit on the third floor of the University library. I whispered shamefacedly to the girls at the nearby table, "The emergency-exit sticker is so small!" They smiled at me, then flicked glances at the large, almost neon, friendly EMERGENCY EXIT sign above the door. Well, I guess I have a problem with vision above eye-level. As seen in my bemused hunt for the dish-rack on Tuesday.. Fezz stores the dish-rack in an odd, frightening place.

Obviously I'm still in the library. This would be a proper update, but I'm only updating because having been in here since 1:30pm has made me a little bored, and obviously my conscience will kick in after a paragraph or so, and send me back to my assignment. I could have been at Cordelia's house for a friendly shared dinner tonight... or at Kilbirnie drinking tea, and either playing, or commenting on the person who was playing, Kingdom Hearts... but for this assignment. At least Linda Hardy accepted my double-late essay.

When I update again properly you will hear all about the fantastic dream I had on Sunday night, among other things. It was amazing, I say. It had imagined wakings-up and apple trees and fish & chips and alien warrior speed chases and library books and gardening and sullied rivers with sunken ships and a fifth-former who lived in a cottage with her mother.

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Please tell me that an alarm sounded.

Also, had you not noticed, today is a good day to be Joel.

I didn't manage to open it. I only tried.

You would be referring to the nice people, the script, the optioning, and the money, yes?

Does this mean you're going to be famous?

*applauds exitedly*

Now I can say I knew you through Morbane's journal before you were famous. :)

I look forward to a further description of that dream, good Morbane, although, if I'm honest, the tantalising description you left at the end of your entry was almost satisfying enough for me. :)

As for emergency exits, you'd feel right at home in the library where I spend most of my time. We are forever using a so-called emergency exit to pass from one library to the other. It's quite amusing to come along every now and then and find a student standing in front of the door with a look of perplexity on their face, wondering if they dare try the door... :)

You should have been at the Auckland libary, on the sixth and a half floor (truly), trying the door which mysteriously leads outside, and is disguised as a woman's bathroom... I would love to know if that is a fire exit or not.

Your dreams are so much more... innocent than mine. Mine tend to involve a speculum...

Well, my uninnocent dreams I tend to keep to myself. ^!^

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