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Morning theft
SSar's Beast

I wanted to title this lj-cut (lj-cuts are the new black) with a word I just made up, but was worried that someone would come up with an obscure dodgy meaning for it. They're like that here.

I feel so much better since staying up talking to Sam until about 5:30am today. Of course I also feel dehydrated and sleepy, but now the craft knife can go away again. I also want to bow slightly and mutter "sensei" as all the people who graduated last night walk past in their grand robes. Not because Hikaru no Go has given me the idea that this is correct behaviour, but because I would like to belong to the world of Hikaru no Go.

I feel slightly alive again. In a couple of weeks I will be able to re-examine the concept of "morbane" and figure out who I want to be, again, but for now I'll concentrate on surviving, in the last few weeks of this semester, and trying to maintain standards without punishing myself too much for failing them.

Sorry I've neglected you all for a while, I've been a bit distressed. I am not yet out of the red assignment-wise but I am feeling better. And I managed not to drive away any friends. That is good.

Pip, Lara, after you told me you were sending me letters I had a dream about being sent hundreds and hundreds of them... and yours, Pip, was in an envelope shaped like a fish.

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It is quite good.

I love your clever little subject line things. *nods*

Hikaru no GO! Banzai! Another fan!

Over the last few years I've ended up bowing to strangers to acknowledge them - like at pedestrian crossings, when a car stops for me. I saw someone else do a little wave and smile in the same situation a little while ago, was very surprised, and then was surprised at myself for not realizing that I'd acquired this behaviour from too much anime, rather than the world around me.

/ineloquent ramble

If it helps, to me, Morbane is lemons. :)

Working out who you are is never easy. I don't have the faintest idea who I am, although I have a suspicion that I am "Buneater" before I am "Katie". The other day, someone sent me a message in which they addressed me as "Katie" and it just felt wrong. :)

hey, Polina here. Another journal? Yes.

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